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    Can You Still Get a Tan With Sunscreen? Here is your answer!

    Can you still get a tan with SPF 50? Learn all about what sunscreen with SPF can do and if you can still get that awesome tan!

    can you still get tan with spf 50

    Sunscreen is an important skincare product all of us need, regardless of skin type and color. However, with the summer season approaching, we all want that tan and soak up some of that vitamin D! So can you still get a tan with SPF 50 and above? Yes, you can still get a tan, but to a certain extent! Read on to discover how you can still get a tan with sunscreen.

    Can You Still Get a Tan With Sunscreen?

    If there’s one rule you should always follow for healthier skin, it’s that you always have to wear sunscreen. Unfortunately, some people opt to skip their typical sun protection routine for a bronzed body. I don’t recommend that you go against sunscreen, though!

    Fortunately, you CAN still get a tan with sunscreen, though it depends on the strength of its SPF. In fact, it can even help you tan for longer with less risk of burning, particularly when you use SPF 50!

    Learn about getting a tan with sunscreen in this informative video:

    How Does That Work?

    Sunscreen would protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun, which can prolong the time you can spend under it without sunburn. The higher the SPF is, the more protection your sunscreen can offer, and SPF 50 can filter up to 98% of ultraviolet radiation.

    This is because SPF, which is sun protection factor, measures how much UV gets through your skin. So the higher the number is, the fewer UV rays pass through. This doesn’t measure if you can tan, but how long your skin stays protected from sunburns.

    If unprotected skin takes ten minutes before it shows any sign of burning, using SPF50 sunscreen can extend the rate by up to 50 times, so you can sit under the sun for around 500 minutes before your skin begins burning! To simply put it, SPF measures the length of time it takes for your skin to get red and/or sunburn.

    But with all this said, it may slow down the speed of how you tan. With that said, it’s much better to use it as the sunscreen will still allow your skin to darken.

    Can’t I Use Natural Oils?

    Others opt to use “natural” remedies to protect the skin in the replacement of sunscreen SPF 50. However, using natural oils can actually worsen your skin condition when under the sun.

    The same goes for tanning oils, which can actually be dangerous. Instead of accelerating the tanning process, it can cause more risk for sunburns.

    Again, sunscreen is crucial for your skin’s protection and to prevent sunburns from happening. You can also use tan accelerators if you’d like to tan a bit faster with sunscreen.

    Just be sure to take proper safety precautions to avoid the risk of sunburns, which can age your skin and cause various conditions. You can do so by applying sunscreen 20 minutes before going out and using the right sunscreen product that works for your skin the best.

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    Wrapping It Up

    While sunscreen can prevent you from tanning, that depends on certain factors! Even if you are unable to tan the way you want, you will need to make sure you wear your sunscreen every day before going out. You will still get your tan and protect your skin for better health.

    Hopefully, this article fully explained to you the question, “Can you still get a tan with SPF 50?” Now that you know the reply, start investing in the right sunscreen for your summer days!

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