does waxing reduce hair growth over time

When you have your body hair, it’s time-consuming and a bit painful, with the results lasting for only up to two days! That’s why people opt for waxing for long-term effects, among other benefits. But one thing people wonder about: does waxing reduce hair growth over time?

Yes and no. Read on for the full explanation and how waxing MAY prevent hair from growing back and when.

Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth Over Time?

Waxing is the process of applying warm wax to a specified area, then covering it with paper to yank off from your skin. This will remove hair in the process. When you’ve successfully waxed your hair off, the results may last between three to six weeks.

Your hair MAY grow back looking finer, making it less noticeable in-between treatments. You can either hire someone to do it in a waxing salon or use at-home waxing kits.

While waxing can help lessen the thickness of hair, can it stop hair growth eventually? There is NO guarantee, but it IS possible as you continue waxing consistently.

This is because repeated hair removal sessions (in the form of waxing) weakens hair follicles. It can take a few months before you notice a significant change in the slowing of hair growth, though.

Furthermore, this actually depends on the way your body hair grows. Some may still experience hair growth even after a few months, while others experience no more hair growth in time.

How Does the Hair Growth Cycle Work?

Now that you know hair growth CAN stop from consistent waxing, why and how does it happen?

hair growth cycle work

There are three basic stages in hair growth, with each hair on the body at different stages during different times. During the active growth period, hair would grow regularly, then moving to a transitional phase when the hair follicle will weaken and detach by itself. Afterward, it goes through a dormancy phase when it doesn’t grow, which can happen in one to four months.

Waxing would affect the dormancy phase. As you continue to wax and rip the hair out from its root, the brain sends a signal to hair shafts, indicating that regrowth is NOT necessary. This is why you noticed that after waxing, it takes even longer for your hair to grow back!

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What Part of the Body Does Hair Usually Stop Growing?

There have been reports that results vary, again depending on the person. It can also depend on where the body hair is.

Leg hair may become even finer after a few sessions of waxing, disappearing slowly. As for eyebrow and lip hair, it can grow thicker. There isn’t any definitive answer in scientific communities yet, though.

Home hair removal epilation with girl

One thing is for sure: Waxing can cause repeated damage to your hair follicles, which is why there is a reduction of unwanted hair growth, if not completely stopping. But it can vary, since other studies also show that waxing has a reverse effect, triggering hair to change from fine and thin hair to scalp and beard hair type.

You will need to notice any changes in your hair growth to see if waxing prevents hair growth and stops it completely. Or, it may result in the hair on certain parts of the body to grow even thicker over time.

Remember, when you STOP waxing, hair may grow back and it may come back at a faster and/or thicker rate. Again, this varies from person to person, depending on their genetics, frequency of waxing, among other factors.

If you aren’t comfortable with consistent waxing sessions and want something more permanent, there are treatments to follow.

You can also check this informative video for further information on waxing and hair growth:

Wrapping It Up

Waxing is a great way to get rid of pesky body hairs for at least a few weeks. Fortunately, if you continue waxing, there may come a time that hair will stop growing back! If you can’t wait, there are permanent hair removal options you can opt for.

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “Does waxing reduce hair growth over time?” Now that you know what waxing does for your hair, start looking into the appropriate waxers or wax products to use.

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