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is placenta good for your hair
Is placenta good for your hair, or are there zero effects at all? Here are shocking facts about placenta and what happens when you use it on your hair
what works for hair loss
Do you wonder what works for hair loss? Here are effective and safe solutions to help you have thick hair without nasty side effects to your health.
are carrots good for your hair
Are carrots good for your hair? Check out this post and learn how carrots can help your hair become smoother, softer, fuller and healthier naturally!
do hot rollers damage your hair
Do hot rollers damage your hair? Check out this post and discover the surprising effects hot rollers actually do to your hair according to experts.
shea butter on face at night
Is shea butter on face at night really as effective as people say? Then read on as I show you everything you need to know about this popular tip!

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