why does my face burn when i put moisturizer on

Moisturizer is one of the essential components of an excellent skincare routine, keeping your face hydrated. Think of it as what a chest means to your bra: Work daily and made to sculpt, support, and protect. It ensures hydrated skin, leaving your skin smooth, healthy, and most likely free from breakouts.

But you’ve probably felt some stinging around your face when using certain moisturizers at one point. You aren’t alone, with people wondering, “why does my face burn when I put moisturizer on?”

There is one main reason why: The WRONG moisturizer! Read on to see why some moisturizers can cause burning sensations and what you can do to stop it.

Why Does My Face Burn When I Put Moisturizer On?

The main reason why your face burns when putting on moisturizer is its ingredients. You may be sensitive or allergic to certain components of the moisturizer! To break it down, here are the detailed reasons why your moisturizer causes a paining sensation:

pH Levels Are Off

Skins have a natural and slightly acidic pH level of 5.5. This keeps your skin comfortable and normal, and if the levels are thrown off, it can result in skin burning. Your moisturizer may have alkaline pH, which is what causes the burning sensation.

Synthetic Fragrances and Chemicals

Some moisturizers use synthetic fragrances to give moisturizers a better scent or to cover up an unpleasant scent in the formula. Or to improve the moisturizing effects of a product, brands add synthetic chemicals.

While both may be helpful, it can irritate your skin, causing burning sensations. Watch out for moisturizers that contain too many synthetic chemicals and fragrances, especially if you know you’re allergic to them. It’s better to go for an unscented moisturizer as well.

You Have Allergies or Damaged Moisture Barrier

If the burning only seems to intensify after every application, or the burning has turned to sweetness and rashes, then it’s most likely you’re allergic to something in the moisturizer.

This is also known as contact dermatitis, with the reaction occurring between 12-72 hours after exposure. Sometimes, the reaction can be immediate and you’ll need to seek medical attention immediately.

Besides this, your skin may also have a damaged moisture barrier. If so, then your skin may have cracked or holes where moisturizer enters, which irritates your skin, creating the burning sensation. If so, you can ask your dermatologist for a recommendation and reduce the burning sensation with cold water or a cool compress.

Those who have sensitive skin may also be susceptible to burning and discomfort. Certain moisturizers can irritate sensitive skin, causing the burning sensation. You’ll need to be even more careful with the moisturizers you purchase, ensuring that it suits your skin type.

Your Skin Needs Adjustment

Besides these reasons, it’s also possible that you need to ease into a new routine. If your skin begins to sting, this can also mean that the moisturizer is working. Your skin simply needs time to adjust to a new moisturizer if it’s new to the routine.

This especially goes for products that contain retinol in it, so ease into applying new moisturizer and see if the burning persists after a few days.

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It’s Normal

The only time burning can be normal is if you received skin treatments from your doctor’s office, like chemical peels. A bit of burning is normal with these procedures but beyond that, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort during and after applying your skincare products.

Fortunately, you can prevent your face from burning by following these quick tips:

  • If you feel burning to the point you can’t stand the discomfort, wash off the moisturizer immediately
  • Make sure that you select the right moisturizer based on your skin type and weather
  • Ease into your skincare routine, especially when using new products
  • If the burning sensation is too much, try visiting a dermatologist to get a clear recommendation of what moisturizer works best for you
  • Consider doing a patch test of the moisturizer on a small part of your skin. Return and exchange for another safer moisturizer if the burning or stinging sensation persists

Do you want to learn more about why your moisturizer causes stinging or burning? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

While moisturizers are essential and beneficial to the skin, the wrong one can ruin it. That’s why you need to make sure that you select the right skincare products to prevent breakouts and from your skin worsening. This will prevent unhealthy skin AND burning sensations that leave you uncomfortable for hours.

I hope that this article answered your question, “why does my face burn when I put moisturizer on?” Now that you know the answer, make sure that you make the right choice with the rest of your skincare products today.

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