why do i have wrinkles on my neck

If you want to see how old a person is, many people suggest that you look at their necks. However, you’ll be surprised that even younger people have neck lines and wrinkles in the area! But why do I have wrinkles on my neck and what can I do to prevent these neck lines from appearing?

No matter how old you are, there are reasons why you may have wrinkles or neck lines. Read on to find out why!

Why Do I Have Wrinkles On My Neck?

Wrinkles around the neck are irritating, but they don’t just come out of nowhere. There are reasons behind it, and here are the top seven ones you may be guilty of:

1. Sun Exposure

The neck is one of the most forgotten parts of your body and while people focus on applying SPF to their faces, they often overlook their necks. This is a huge no-no and may be the main culprit of your neck lines and wrinkles!

When you leave your neck exposed and unprotected against UV rays, it may result in premature wrinkles. Be sure to hit all spots of your face, neck, and other exposed areas of your body with sunscreen containing at least SPF30.

2. It Runs In the Family

People are more prone to acne from hormones and genetics, just like how those who have smooth skin can thank their clear-skinned relatives.

Genetics plays a huge role in the way your skin ages and when aging begins. If premature wrinkles run in the family and your family’s skin tends to age earlier, then expect it to happen to you. Fortunately, premature wrinkles on the neck are preventable and you can slow down the signs with proper skincare routines and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

3. Repetitive Motions

Did you know that when you squint a lot, the continuous and repetitive motions can result in wrinkles near the area? This can also happen when you repeat motions around your neck as well.

If you continuously look down or at the side, the repeated motion might cause necklines. Be wary with the way you move your neck and practice proper posture.

You may need to change positions in the way you work, such as using a laptop stand to encourage a straight neck rather than crouching down.

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4. You Sleep On Your Side

Did you know that when you sleep on your side, it presses on your face and neck against your pillow, which then contributes to facial wrinkles? Besides this, it can also cause wrinkles and fine lines around the neck and chest as well!

Rather than sleeping on your side or in a fetal position, I recommend that you sleep on your back. Your face and neck will be in a neutral position and you won’t have to worry about acne breakouts from your face touching the pillow.

5. Poor Skin Care Routine

Do you have a poor skincare routine or follow none at all? If you ignore cleansing and moisturizing around your neck, it may cause wrinkles.

Think of it the same way you’d care for your face. If you ignore cleansing and nourishing your face, it causes negative effects such as wrinkles and acne. The same will go with your neck, as the adverse effects will build up over time, causing premature aging and wrinkles.

6. Wearing Constrictive Smoking

Are you wearing constrictive clothing or jewelry such as necklaces, chokers, or turtleneck sweaters? This can contribute to neck wrinkles in the long run, especially when it’s tight enough to squeeze the surrounding skin.

The same goes for the chest, like sports bras, fitted tops, and swimsuits will push your breasts and whole chest together, squeezing the skin around it. It’s not banned to wear these, but avoid wearing them for too long throughout the day.

7. You Smoke

Smoking can cause fine lines and wrinkles around the face, as well as your neck and chest! This is because the nicotine from cigarettes can cause blood vessels to constrict, which impairs blood flow and deprives your skin of oxygen and crucial nutrients.

Even your daily diet can contribute to premature aging, causing wrinkles around your neck and in other parts of the body, too! Stop smoking and stick to a healthier diet with natural foods as much as possible.

Learn more about neck wrinkles and how to get rid of it in this video:

Wrapping It Up

Neck wrinkling is inevitable, but you wouldn’t want to deal with it at a young age. But with proper care and skincare routines, you can reduce the wrinkles and have a smooth face and neck. Just make sure you know the exact reasons why you may have it and treat it immediately.

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “why do I have wrinkles on my neck?” Now that you know the real reason, make the appropriate lifestyle changes today.

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