acne on legs after shaving

This is such a familiar scenario for all the shavers out there: You just shaved your legs, ready to show them off. However, you noticed a few raised bumps that feel tender when touched! Acne on legs after shaving is an irritating side effect, but why do they happen and how can you stop it?

Don’t worry, you can beat the acne when shaving to achieve smoother and clearer skin. Read on to learn why it happens and how to prevent it from happening again!

Why Do I Have Acne On Legs After Shaving?

Acne on legs after shaving is similar to razor rashes and bumps, which cause discomfort and itchiness. But why does it happen in the first place? Here are some of the common reasons you find acne right after you shave:

1. You Have Dry and/or Sensitive Skin

Your skin type can cause razor bumps, especially if you have dry skin because of the risk of scratching your legs. Those who have more sensitive skin, you also have a higher risk of skin irritation while you’re shaving. That’s why pre-shave and aftershave products are a must.

2. Using the Dirty or Blunt Razor

beautiful young woman shaving leg with razorUsing a dirty razor blade means your legs are more prone to bacteria after each pass you make. This can also happen if you were storing your razor wrong or using a blunt razor, which can scratch your legs, causing pimples to form. Pimples can pop out more on those who use manual and disposable razors.

3. Not Using Pre-Shave Oil or Aftershave

Pre-shave oils are useful because they contain properties that fight off bacteria that can cause pimples. The same goes for aftershave, as it moisturizes and soothes your skin, also having less harsh ingredients to prevent any irritation. If you don’t use either shaving product, this puts you more at risk with pimples!

4. Wearing Tight Clothing Right After

Tight pants or leggings can constrict your skin, so it won’t be able to breathe properly. When doing this right after shaving, it traps oil in the hair follicle, which then causes those pimples and bumps. It’s best that you allow your legs to breathe after shaving, and that you exfoliate before and moisturize after doing so.

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5. Are They Razor Bumps or Ingrown Hairs?

You may have interchanged razor bumps with ingrown hairs. These are where the hair grows in the skin, which usually happens when using a razor.

Ingrown hairs come out when you shave incorrectly, which will end up looking like a whitehead or acne on the bump. When you prevent hair from becoming ingrown, you can get out of these types of pimples!

How Can I Prevent Acne On Legs After Shaving?

Now that you know why you have acne on legs after shaving, how can you prevent it from happening? Here are some helpful tips you can follow:

1. Use a Quality Razor

I recommend that you do NOT use single-use razors, opting for high-quality ones with sharp blades. Always run your razor and its blade after using, which lessens any bacteria. Sharpen your blades occasionally to keep it shaving correctly.

Also, I highly recommend that you store your razor in a cool and dry area rather than in your shower.

2. Shave Correctly

Be sure that you avoid shaving too frequently and rushing the shaving process. Furthermore, do NOT shave against the grain of your hairs, nor should you do so too close to your skin. Rather than pull or yank the hairs, go gentle and slow, making each pass count rather than to keep going.

3. Replace Your Razor

Using an old razor with blunt blades can lead to pimples because of the bacteria it formed after numerous uses. Be sure to replace it as recommended. If you have a new razor, be sure that you cleanse your skin and blades using soapy water before you shave, getting rid of dead skin and dirt.

4. Treating Razor Bumps

Do you already have razor bumps you need to tend to? Place a warm towel on the affected area for five minutes, which encourages ingrown hair to break through your skin. You can also use topical creams and moisturize the area, using skin care products or natural remedies such as aloe vera or witch hazel.

Learn more about preventing that pesky acne and bumps after shaving legs here in this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Acne on legs after shaving is known as shaving bumps and pimples, which can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can prevent it from happening with the right methods and treatments. That way, you have clearer and smoother skin you can show off right after shaving!

I hope that my article of acne on legs after shaving helped you out. So start following these tips to have a clean shave now.

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