Should I Wash My Hair Before Getting A Haircut? Something To Know

should i wash my hair before getting a haircut

Hair is an important part of the appearance. You renew your look with a new hairstyle. The hairstyle can identify your style. Women take care of their hair very much because they know its role. There are many things to remember and notice in hair care. Women and girls have many questions they wonder. Should i wash my hair before getting a haircut? Let’s find the answer!

Should I Wash My Hair Before Getting A Haircut?

You don’t have to wash your hair before getting your haircut. Clean or dirty hair does not affect the result of the haircut. You can wet your hair to make it damp. This makes it a bit heavier and provides a more precise cut. This is usually done by stylists in the salon. Hairstylist uses a water spray bottle to make your hair wet. 

Don’t go for a haircut with hair that hasn’t been washed for 7 days. This is a lack of hygiene habits. A hair that is too dirty will interfere with the haircut. Hairstylists will not like dirty hair.

You can wash your hair for 48 hours before cutting your hair. To see if you need to wash your hair, pay attention to two things. If your hair feels heavier, is difficult to brush, and doesn’t move, it’s time to wash it. Dirty hair strands don’t show real length due to the greasy. This confuses hairstylists. Then, the hair will be deviated.

Scalp hair, skin, and skin sweat are created instantly. The sweat on your scalp turns into an oily layer. This oily layer can be good for hair. It can help protect it from external factors, like the sun and heat, but it will be too damaging. So this natural oily layer must be washed off every 48 hours so that your hair can breathe.

Should I Wash My Hair Before Dying It?

Although it is a necessity to go to a salon with clean hair, if you intend to dye your hair, do not wash it right before you go. If you’re about to go to a hair salon to dye your hair, you can keep your hair “a little bit dirty”, just a little bit. Because the dye to raise the hair level will make the scalp uncomfortable, you should take advantage of the natural “dirty” as a cover against discomfort.

When you wash your hair, the natural oils on the scalp are removed. The oil acts as a protective barrier against the chemicals in the dye. Therefore, for a healthier scalp, smoother hair, and more standard color, skip the step of washing your hair for a few hours before going.

If you accidentally wash your hair before dying your hair, it’s okay. Tell the hairstylists, then they will apply a layer of oil to your scalp.

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What Should I Pay Attention To Before Getting A Haircut?

1. Do Not Use Hair Care Products

For a smooth haircut, your hair should not be too clean, but at the same time, there should not be too much oily. Your hair shouldn’t have the remainder of styling products such as conditioner, hair spray, etc.

Try not to use too many styling products on the day you go to the salon, especially when you want to dye, as it can cause uneven coloration. They can also cause hairstylists to misjudge your hairstyle and type. For example, your hair is originally drier or softer if you don’t apply styling products. So it’s better to leave your hair as natural as possible so that they can choose the haircut or color that suits you best.

2. Bring Many Images

Verbal depictions don’t always work, so to make it easier for you and your hairdresser, bring the hairstyle pictures you want to have!

Try to show pictures with different hair colors or hairstyles that you like because not all colors or hairstyles will suit your skin or the shape of your face. Most hairstylists won’t be able to do the 100% look, so make sure you let them know about the styles you really like.

In addition, you should also bring photos of the hairstyles you do not like (if any) so that the hairdresser better understand your favorite style.

3. Dress-Up

After a haircut, of course, everyone wants to see the results right away. Therefore, to “welcome” your new hair, you should be the best version of yourself when getting a haircut. Wear the outfit that you are most confident in and do a little makeup in your favorite style.

Moreover, this also gives the hairstylists a more general view of your style and gout. Then, they give advice on the hair color or hairstyle that suits you best.

Note: If you are going to dye your hair light, choose dark shirts.

4. Tell Your Hair Condition

No one understands hair better than experts. Hence, it’s best to tell your hairstylists everything about your hair and your hair care routine so that they can better advise you!

Hair-styling history like coloring, bleaching, curling, etc. can affect your hair color. You may really want a certain style or color, but if your hair can’t stand it (like bleach) then the hairdresser can say “no” and save you from disaster.

It’s good to be honest about your lifestyle habits! If you are too busy, let your hairstylist know so they can advise you on hairstyles that do not need to be styled, curled but still beautiful.

Wrap Up

Should i wash my hair before getting a haircut? You don’t have to wash your hair right before getting a haircut. You can wash your hair within 48 hours before having your hair cut. Prepare a few things before getting a haircut or hairstyle to have a new perfect look.


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