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Have you ever heard of “pineappling” your hair? Pineapples are not usually connected with hair, but the name is a humorous way of explaining a method for protecting your curls while you’re sleeping. This procedure could be a lifesaver if you have natural curls. This method will allow you to keep your curls for days without having to wash and style your hair every day.

It is relatively common for women with natural curls to feel that their hair offers limited style options. Thankfully, this is not the case. There are unique styles for naturally curly hair, and you have to do what works best for you. You can click here to check out different types and find what works for you.

It may take a few tries to figure out what works best for your hair type and particular style, but if you find something that works, stay with it. When done correctly, the pineapple method produces stunning, structured curls reinforced by being kept overnight.

What is the Pineapple Method, and How Does it Work?

Pineapple is a method for protecting your natural curls while sleeping. The pineapple method is a hairstyle that involves putting a loose, high ponytail on the top of your head to watch the follicles. The phrase “pineapple hair” comes from this style, making your hair look like a pineapple.

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How to Protect the Curl

Aside from sleeping on your side or stomach, there are a few other techniques to keep your curls while you sleep.

#1. Use a Pillowcase Made of Satin or Silk  

If you have curly hair and are of African or Hispanic descent, the width of your follicle shaft varies based on the shape of your curls. That implies that your follicle shaft will not have the same thickness all the way through, putting strands at risk of breakage.

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Tossing and turning your head at night can put stress on your follicles, increasing the likelihood of breakage.

#2. Apply a Conditioner

Spray-on conditioners can also assist in reinforcing strands that have been damaged by color or heat styling and make the curls softer to style in the morning. You can also watch videos explaining how to apply conditioner for assistance.

#3. Make twists or braids

The fewer strands rub up against other follicles or your pillow, the more secure it is. Simple twists with bobby pins or tiny elastics and well-secured braids will help your curls stay in place all night.

#4. Wear a hat or headscarf made of satin or silk.

A headscarf or bonnet can protect your hair in several ways. These accessories do not just keep your curls from rubbing against your bedding and becoming frizzy, but they also keep it tight as you sleep, protecting the shape of your curls.

There are other styles to keep your curls intact, and they include:

  • Loose Bun: You can use a scrunchie, preferably soft, to hold your follicles. This method is easy and quite effective. You gather your hair into a ponytail and twist it loosely. Avoid twisting the strands tightly. This could remove the curls. You can decide to divide your hair into sections and do the loose buns on each section. The choice is yours.
  • Twist Style: If you have tight curls, then the twist style is needed. You can do the two-strand twists on both wet and dry hair. For more volume and tighter curls, do the twist on damp strands. Hold the twists with a cloth at the ends for better results. If you like to know how to do this twist, check here:
  • Braids: Tighter weaving will not fully retain your definition pattern when you wake up. You can do braids to secure the pattern. You can either do French braids, loose braids, or multiple small braids. Make sure you try out each type till you find your desired weaving.
  • Pins: If you have a soft follicle, this style is very effective. You divide your hairs into sections and work on each side. You secure an area with bobby pins to hold it in. When you wake up, you will find your curls shiny and bouncy.
  • Bantu Knots: Bantu knots work perfectly for defined curls. First, you use a setting product on your strands then divide it into sections. You take each side, make a twist, and wrap into each other. Then, you can use a bobby pin to hold it firm and wear a satin bonnet to protect the Bantu knots when you sleep.

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Helpful Steps to Take When Protecting Your Curls

How to Protect Your Curly Hair While You Sleep

The following are some helpful steps to follow if you want to have bouncy and curly hair:

  1. Make sure the tie is not too tight when you tie it up in a high ponytail. Here, the aim is to loosely secure your strands into a pineapple to avoid any flatness or indentations in the morning. Everyone wants fuller, bouncy curls.
  2. We don’t recommend using cotton hair wraps in any form. While cotton hair ties are the most common options, using them to attach your pineapple with curls will most certainly cause dents, which we want to avoid.
  3. If you’ve just washed your hair, don’t prep it and don’t do any of the pineapple technique procedures. Before you attempt the pineapple approach, make sure your follicles are dry. While they are still wet, the curls would most likely mat or are wrinkled if you did this.
  4. When removing your scrunchies, do not tug too hard on your follicles. After release, you may want to do some mild styling, but you should let your hair flow naturally.
  5. Finally, if you use a satin bonnet to give extra protection while sleeping, be sure it does not cover the ends of your hair. Covering the lots of your curls might result in friction and dryness. Curls are prone to dryness and failing to protect them while sleeping can exacerbate the problem adequately.


Curly hair will look fresh and new every day if you protect it well when you sleep. Follow this article’s helpful methods and steps to maintain your beautiful follicles! Is there anything we miss in this article? Let us know in the comment section below! Thanks for visiting Be Young-aholic!

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