dry skin on face after shower

A shower is one of the best ways to moisturize and revitalize our skin, keeping it clean and healthy. However, there are times we may experience dry skin on face after shower, which can feel irritating and cause blemishes! But why does it happen and how can I prevent the dry feeling after showers?

Read on as I show you why you may suffer from dry skin after showering and what you can do to stop it from happening again.

Why You Have Dry Skin On Face After Shower

So, why exactly do you have dry skin after showering when the water is supposed to hydrate you? These are the common shower mistakes that cause dry skin on your face and body:

1. You Take Very Long Showers

Showering feels soothing after stressful days or to start the day, but if you go too long, it robs the skin cell from moisture. The longer one showers, the more oil is washed away. And when too much oil is washed away, it leaves your skin dry and dehydrated!

2. You Take Hot Showers

Hot showers are amazing especially during a cold morning, but it only worsens the dry skin problems. Hot water would wash the nourishing oil your skin needs, leaving it drier. Furthermore, it irritates the skin, damaging the epidermis, which is why you’re left feeling drier than more moisturized.

3. Scrubbing Too Much

When you scrub and slough your skin, it may seem like the best solution to scrubbing away dead skin cells and dry skin. However, when you use abrasive cloths and cleansers, it can actually irritate the skin, especially sensitive types.

It’s best that you avoid abrasive materials, especially if you already have dry skin in the first place.

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4. Shaving Wrong

Shaving wrong can also cause dry skin, especially when leaving it unprotected and if you have sensitive skin. This is because the action will scrape oil away from your skin, which lessens the moisturizing.

Use proper shaving techniques when shaving in the shower, lubricating your body with shaving cream or lotion. Use a quality razor and replace it when the blade gets rusty and/or worn out.

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5. Using the Wrong Products

You may be using soaps and shower gels that have alcohol or fragrances. The chemicals contained in such bath products (especially alcohol) can cause excessive drying of your skin.

Just like how some skincare products can cause excessive drying, so can your soaps and gels in the shower! That’s why you need to select the proper products if you think this is the main cause.

Learn more about how you can properly moisturize your skin while showering with this informative video:

How to Stop Getting Dry Skin After Showering

Now that you know why you have dry skin on face after shower, what can you do to keep your skin moisturized after? Here are the preventative measures to take:

1. Select the Right Products

Choose a product that has no dyes, fragrances, alcohol, or other harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. Opt for cleaning products that are labeled gentle and/or made for sensitive skin with added moisturizers and oils.

2. Shower Better

While it’s tempting to for long and steamy showers, it results in extremely dry skin. I highly recommend that you use lukewarm water when showering so it seals in moisture and feels more comfortable on your skin.

As for the length of showers, limit it to 15 minutes. It’s best to shower only once a day or every other day to prevent overdrawing of the skin.

3. Dry Gently

Besides avoiding abrasive cloths and cleansers for scrubbing the skin, you should also dry your face and body properly. Use a clean and soft towel to dry out your skin, gently patting your body rather than scrubbing harshly. When patting gently, you prevent stripping your skin off the essential hydration it needs from the shower.

4. Moisturize Right After

Make sure that you moisturize your skin after showering, applying it when the skin is still a bit damp. After drying your wet face gently, apply moisturizer to seal the water to your skin’s surface cells. It’s also best that when applying moisturizer, the thicker, the better, especially when you have dry and/or sensitive skin to prevent water evaporation.

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Wrapping It Up

There are various causes as to why your skin dries up after showering, whether on the face, body, or both. Fortunately, it’s fixable with a few lifestyle changes and the right skincare products. With proper skin care, you can enjoy showers without worrying about your skin healthy again.

I hope that this article all about dry skin on face after shower explained everything to you thoroughly. So don’t wait any longer and start following prop remedies to moisturize your skin.

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