are you supposed to put deodorant on at night

A lot of us have the daily routine of applying deodorant before going out. After all, you wouldn’t want to suffer from body odor and prevents sweating in unwanted areas. We are so accustomed to putting it on during the day that we forget to put it on at night before sleeping.

But are you supposed to put deodorant on at night anyway? Won’t it be useless if you aren’t going out and about to sleep?

Contrary to what you think, that’s not true! So read on as I show you the preferred times to apply deodorant and why.

Are You Supposed to Put Deodorant On At Night?

Deodorants help in masking any smells by killing any bacteria causing body odor. This is best used for those who have body odor, while antiperspirants are made best with stopping glands from overstating.

Deodorants and antiperspirants you put on before you sleep will continue to work even after taking a morning shower! Studies show that they can help depress sweating for up to one day, so showering has minimal impact when sweating.

But why bother putting it on at night in the first place compared to putting it on during the day?

This is because deodorants work through creating plugs at the top of your sweat glands, or at least near it. The plugs will limit the amount of sweating that would start to make it to your skin’s surface. However, the plugs require time to form, which is why you need to apply it at night.

Furthermore, it’s best to do so at night because during normal conditions, you have a still body and low temperature, so the plugs can form undisturbed. No need to worry about sweating while the plugs are forming, may it be due to movement or the weather.

Is it toxic if you leave it on without washing it off for so long? Fortunately not, there are no reputable journals that support the connections of toxicity and applying deodorant at night.

Does It Still Work When Applying Deodorant In the Morning?

A lot of people still opt to put on deodorant in the morning after their AM shower, rather than at night. I know, it can feel awkward!

With that said, I still highly recommend that you get used to putting on deodorant at night. This is because when you apply deodorant after showering, it reduces the effectiveness as your glands are still wet. By applying it before sleeping, it gives your deodorant time to work its magic.

However, you still need to make sure that your armpits are clean and dry before you apply the deodorant. I recommend that you apply it for an hour or so after your evening shower. And if you take AM showers too, don’t worry, as the deodorant still stays effective for the entire day!

When Are the Correct Times to Put On Deodorant?

The correct time to apply deodorant is at NIGHT, before sleeping. So long as your armpits are clean and dry, you can expect it to stay effective. Do NOT apply deodorant after a sweaty workout session or a whole day out, which can cause cross-contamination of your deodorant.

Be sure to apply your deodorant at the same time consistently for it to work better. Furthermore, remember to choose the right deodorant or antiperspirant made for you, applying it only on dry skin (not after shaving). Moisturize right after to prevent irritation, and never layer your deodorant with an older product you applied a few hours before.

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If you have any other queries or want to learn more about when you should put deodorant on, check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

You’ll be surprised that you shouldn’t only apply deodorant before leaving the house, but at night as well! This holds a lot of great health benefits and can help lessen the sweats. The nest thing you should do is find the right deodorant to help ward off sweats and odor.

I hope that this article answered your question, “are you supposed to put deodorant on at night?” Now that you know the answer, start putting on deodorant at night, too.

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