does mascara make your eyelashes longer

Nothing spells gorgeous than long eyelashes.

When you look at fashion magazines, billboards, and TV ads, you’ll notice one common thing among the featured models – they have beautiful, curled-up eyelashes.

But here’s what many women want to know – does mascara make your eyelashes longer? Or is it more like just an optical illusion?

If you dream of having long lashes but not too keen about getting extensions, then it’s important to know the truth once and for all. Keep reading to learn all about what mascara does and whether it really lengthens your lashes or not.

Mascara’s History in the World of Cosmetics

Did you know that mascara has been used by women for many centuries?

This cosmetic item traces its history back to thousands of years, in Ancient Egypt. We’re talking about way back in history, which is quite impressive to know the roots of this makeup essential.

But it was much different back then.

Instead of being in a tube just like the mascara we know today, it used to be made into compact, pressed cakes. Women used to apply this makeup using a slightly moist brush and run it through their lashes.

Eventually, lotions in tubes came out. And this also sparked the new packaging of mascara, in which it is found in a tube with a wand as an applicator. This was in the 1960s, and it continues up to the present time.

More improvements were made to the modern mascara. Now, we can find smart packages where there is a ring that scrapes clean any excess. After all, the last thing you want is to have a thick glob of mascara on your lashes, don’t you?

Regardless of the brand, there are many products designed to make your lashes appear thicker, darker, and yes, longer. And it brings us to this point: Does it really lengthen the lashes or not?

Features of a Mascara and What It Does

As mentioned earlier, your lashes only appear longer when you put mascara. It looks long but does not exactly become longer.

It is more of stretched or pulled but without any added millimeters to its original length. This is something that can only be achieved through a more complex procedure, which is a lash extension.

So how does mascara provide all of these results?

The secret is in the composition of this makeup.

You see, mascara has coloring pigments, preservatives, and waxes to help give your lashes that longer and thicker appearance. It is obviously going to look much different than when you do not have any makeup at all on your lashes.

black mascara on lashes of model eye
Makeup professional artist applying black mascara on lashes of model eye.

But mascara manufacturers go beyond just making your peepers stand out…

Mascaras now have additional features such as water-resistant ingredients, so even if you tear up, sweat or you accidentally get splashed with water, your lashes stay defined and thick. Impressive, isn’t it?

This is a great thing for women who want to retain the thickness of their lashes, or at least, temporarily. But more than that, it is safe, too. What mascara does is to coat your lashes with coloring and wax that will give them that enhanced beauty.

Now, here’s the thing. We have mentioned recent technologies in mascara and one of them is an extending formula. Which brings us back to our question, does mascara make your eyelashes longer?

The Truth Revealed on What Mascara Does to Your Lashes

Recent brands of mascara include not just the usual ingredients that make your lashes look thicker and fuller. There are also short fibers made of synthetic materials mixed into this makeup. These components are rayon or nylon-made, and they adhere to your lashes from the base to the very tip each time you apply the mascara.

The result? Your lashes appear longer. Apply more coatings of mascara and your lashes will also look longer and thicker.

But again, it does not really lengthen it. What happens is more of an optical illusion alone.

Applying mascara is not the easiest thing to do. For first-timers, it can even be rather intimidating.

You need to make sure that your hand is steady the whole time. After all, you dealing with your eyes, which are very delicate and sensitive. The last thing you want is to accidentally put makeup in your eye!

A nice, careful touch is a must, and you need perfect lighting to achieve the results you want. Experts will tell you that applying more mascara than you should only ends up with a clumpy and odd-looking appearance in your lashes. Not flattering at all.

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Are There Issues to Consider?

As with any makeup, you need to be aware of potential issues that may come along.

For instance, using mascara regularly is not exactly the safest thing to do to your eyes. If you use an old mascara that is already expired, this can cause staph infections, pink eye, and other eye inflammatory issues.

Scratches and stiffness of your lashes can also occur, so you need to be diligent with removing your eye makeup before going to bed. If you leave the makeup overnight for several hours, this can result in your lashes becoming stiff. At worse, scratched corneas can occur, as well as falling out of your lashes.

You also need to avoid applying waterproof mascara when it is extremely hot outside. While this technology in mascara is great at retaining the beauty of your peepers, it can cause your lashes to become dryer and to shed.

With all these things in mind, you need to apply proper practices when putting on mascara. Never leave it on overnight and read the labels before you purchase. You should check the mascara ingredients indicated in the package to help you determine whether it is really a suitable item for you to purchase or something that will do more harm than good to you.

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