what are the ingredients in mascara

So you have always wanted to have thicker lashes.

Great. There’s always a mascara to give you that look and match your fancies.

But before you go ahead and pick up just about any tube or bottle of this makeup, you need to ask yourself the important question: What are the ingredients in mascara? Are they natural or synthetic or safe for you to use?

We reveal the answer to this ever-important question, so you are guided accordingly before you buy and use this popular eye makeup.

What are the Ingredients in Mascara?

You have probably used mascara before.

Or you have been curious to try but never got around it because you are not so sure what to expect or what is in it.

Mascara has basic ingredients that thicken, darken, and enhance your lashes. These are usually some coloring pigments, waxes to keep your lashes curled up, and there may also be other components in there that add to its length such as synthetic fibers.

Unless the bottle indicates it is natural mascara, this eye makeup may include a variety of add-on ingredients that may cause an alarm to any user. These include the following:

1. Artificial colorant

Some mascaras appear very dark that the color is definitely artificial instead of natural. These are synthetic pigments and dyes, which you cannot find in natural-based mascaras.

2. Synthetic preservatives

Ever wondered why some mascaras last long for years and years? It is because of the synthetic preservatives mixed in, which extends the shelf life but can cause some health problems to users.

3. Artificial fragrances

If you open the bottle and it smells quite strong, your mascara is not natural-made at all. The fragrances it comes with is without a doubt artificial, and it may not serve any purpose to your health.

4. Heavy metals

It is true that there are heavy metals in nature. But when regulated and in small amounts, there should not be marked health issues linked to them. On the other hand, high doses of heavy metals can result in health problems, and this is typical with synthetic-made mascara.

Mascara Ingredients You Should Avoid

Since we are on the topic of mascara ingredients, let us discuss the different ingredients you should avoid in mascara. Years back, when mascara was only gaining its popularity, there are questionable ingredients discovered in this eye makeup.

According to WebMD, some mascara formulas include hazardous ingredients such as lead-containing kohl, aniline, and turpentine, to name a few. But today, there are other components added such as a polymer, carbon-black pigment, thickening wax, and preservatives. Along with these ingredients are harmful chemicals such as:

1. Retinyl Acetate

Vitamin A Acetate is dangerous and causes a range of cellular and biochemical level changes to your body. These include gene mutation, reproductive toxicity, and even cancer.

2. Parabens

Another ingredient to watch out for is parabens. This additive is actually harmful to your health, according to researchers. For instance, parabens can lead to breast cancer tumors, along with other forms of cancer and health problems.

3. Propylene Glycol

This is a petroleum-based formula that you would not want in your mascara. Why? Because this ingredient is often the culprit for allergic reactions, as well as a slow lash growth. By using mascara with propylene glycol, you are preventing your lashes from growing and getting thicker.

It is worth noting that makeup – even natural ones – are not regulated strictly by organizations. In fact, the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to meet certain detailed standards and put specific ingredients to their products. It is up to the manufacturer to make sure that all the products they sell are safe for human use.

mascara bottle and brush

Natural Ingredients in Mascara is Best

Considering all of these negative health effects of harmful chemicals, it only makes perfect sense that you rely on using natural mascara for your makeup needs. By using natural makeup, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Natural ingredients are safer
  • Your sensitive skin is protected from irritation
  • The eco-friendly benefits of natural ingredients are excellent
  • There are zero to little synthetic ingredients

On the other hand, natural makeup does not appeal to some people because of a few drawbacks. These are:

  • Shorter lifespan of makeup because of zero synthetic preservatives
  • Limited shade options
  • Pricier than synthetic makeup
  • The natural pigments are not as vibrant and bright as synthetic dyes

Regular makeup with some synthetic ingredients typically has a shorter lifespan and with a brighter quality. There are also more options when it comes to color selections, which should match your skin tone. The price point is also great and will not break the bank.

But then, you run the risk of acquiring some health concerns because of the effects of these synthetic components. Your sensitive skin may also be prone to irritation to these ingredients.

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Keeping Your Lashes Strong, Thick, and Healthy

There is nothing wrong with using mascara.

This is assuming the fact that you are using natural makeup and applying proper practices to make sure your lashes are not exposed to harmful components.

To help you maintain the beauty and health of your lashes, here are some things you need to do:

1. Sleep bare-faced.

Remove Makeup Before Bed

You wear makeup all day but that does not mean you should take it to bed.

Before you head to bed, you need to remove your makeup carefully and thoroughly. Sleeping with you mascara still on your lashes can cause breakouts, eye irritation, wrinkles, and infections. So, make it a point to remove it well to prevent these side effects of leaving mascara on overnight.

2. Moisturize your lashes.

Yes, there is such a thing!

Make it a regular practice to keep your lashes nicely moisturized to prevent breakage and dryness. You can use natural oils such as olive oil and grapeseed oil that are proven to offer moisture and health to your lashes.

3. Curl lashes correctly.

The first thing to do when applying eye makeup is curling your lashes. Then, you can follow it with mascara but not to thick. If you put mascara before you curl, you only run the risk of ruining your lashes and causing them to break and fall off easily.

So make it a point to follow these practices when applying mascara to ensure your lash health, growth and overall beauty.

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