does mineral oil cause acne

Everybody dreams of having acne-free skin.

So we resort to using all sorts of creams and lotions with the hope of keeping skin healthy, smooth, and clear. Mineral oil is one of those beauty fads and you wonder – does mineral oil cause acne? Or is it actually good for you?

With mixed reviews on mineral oil’s effects on the skin, we explore what the facts really are. Let’s uncover the secret behind mineral oil, what it actually does, and whether it is to blame for acne or not.

Does Mineral Oil Cause Acne? Studies Reveal the Answer!

Perhaps you have heard about mineral oil’s bad reputation in the past… That it causes pimples and makes your skin worse over time.

Is it really true or just false assumptions?

This prompted researchers to take a look at what actually occurs to your skin when you use mineral oil. In a study that was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, mineral oil does not cause acne. This is why it is perfectly safe to use skincare products with mineral oil.

According to those findings, mineral oil is not a comedogenic substance. What this means is that this oil does not cause comedones such as whiteheads or blackheads.

Dermatologists recommend the use of non-comedogenic products to the skin such as facial cleansers, creams, and moisturizers for people who suffer from acne problems. With this in mind, mineral oil may actually be safe to use for your skin because of its non-comedogenic properties.

In this scientific study, researchers checked the comedogenic components of various skincare products including mineral oil. They analyzed products such as makeup and lotions with 0.5 to 30 percent mineral oil. Their discovery proved that this type of oil was not at all the cause of pimples.

None of those mineral oil-based products caused a pimple-causing or comedogenic response when tested on the human skin. As it is a non-comedogenic substance by nature, it does not have any negative impact such as acne.

Unfortunately, marketing claims have given out false accusations on mineral oil. But after learning the result of this study, it is not the reason for acne. Instead, it is the ingredient that causes comedones, which is included in certain skin care products.

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Myths about Mineral Oil Revealed

There are more to mineral oil myths that need to be revealed. Below, we present these myths and what the facts are according to researchers.

1. Mineral oil dries up your skin.

Some people think that mineral oil is actually the root of premature aging because it dries the skin up. But the reality cannot get any farther than the truth.

Mineral oil is an occlusive material that shields your skin from air. Basically, it keeps water or moisture in, so it does not in any way dry your skin out or cause it to age faster. In fact, it helps keep your skin smooth and moisturized, so it stays healthy and youthful.

2. Mineral oil pulls essential vitamins out of the skin.

This is another false assumption made on mineral oil. The truth is that this oil prevents the skin from getting dry, and it has no impact at all on the number of vitamins on your skin. What it does is to moisturize the skin, which means it does not do anything at all without depriving it form nutrients.

There are many oil-based vitamins, and this has resulted in people thinking that the oil sucks these nutrients out of the skin. But there is no valid scientific evidence to claim it is a fact. You do not need to worry about the oil harming your skin this way.

3. Mineral oil does not help your skin absorb collagen.

If your moisturizer has a good amount of collagen in it, all the better! With this in mind, there is no need to worry about the oil blocking your skin from absorbing it. This is nothing but a fallacy, which means you can absolutely receive the collagen in your skin cream or moisturizer.

4. Mineral oil makes acne problems worse.

As we have mentioned earlier, mineral oil does not cause acne. And in this note, it also does not make your existing acne problems worse. Mineral oil found in skincare products is non-comedogenic and will not lead to acne and blackheads. This is why it is absolutely safe to use for your skin.

It is also worth noting that mineral oil incorporated in cosmetics is FDA-regulated. Thus, it is purified and refined. The most important thing is that you check the label to make sure the product you buy has the words “non-comedogenic” on it to be sure it will not cause acne.

Other Benefits of Mineral Oil

mineral oil helps with dry skin

Now we know that mineral oil does not cause acne. But did you know that it has a number of benefits, too?

For instance, mineral oil helps with dry skin. By applying it after a shower, you can seal the moisture in, which is very helpful during the winter months when your skin becomes prone to drying up.

Mineral oil is beneficial to people with eczema. The National Eczema Association reported that there are 31.6 million people in the U.S who suffer from eczema. This skin disease is a chronic issue that involves discoloration, dryness, and itching of the skin.

Since mineral oil helps moisturize the skin, it can alleviate symptoms linked with eczema. It is a safe and natural alternative to corticosteroid creams if you prefer to avoid this type of product.

With all these things in mind, it is worth noting that mineral oil is good for you. Just make it a point to read the ingredients in your skincare products first and stay away from non-comedogenic substances. This way, you can have clear and healthy skin that you have always wanted.

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