how to make hand sanitizer with aloe vera

Aloe vera comes from a succulent that stores water in the leaves, forming to a gel. The gel is what many people are after because of its many skincare benefits, from its moisturizer to anti-inflammatory properties to treat skin issues. Did you know that you can also make it into a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean?

So if you want to know how to make hand sanitizer with aloe vera, read on! I’ll be showing you the proper steps to help you out.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer With Aloe Vera

Creating your hand sanitizer can help you stay healthy and well-protected from germs and bacteria. As long as you do it with the correct ratios, it can be just as effective as commercially bought sanitizer!

To make hand sanitizer using the versatile aloe vera, follow these steps:

1. Prepare the Materials

Making hand sanitizer is pretty basic, you can do so with the following ingredients and materials:

  • 2/3 cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • 1/3 cup of 92% aloe vera gel
  • Your choice of essential oils for fragrance (ten drops will do)
  • Funnel for getting the sanitizer to the bottle
  • Bowl and spoon for mixing all your ingredients
  • A bottle with a pump dispenser, you can also use plastic travel bottles
  • Nitrile gloves to protect your hands from burns

You can purchase prepared aloe vera gel from the grocery store or farmer’s market, or you can get leaves or use your own aloe plant. If you plan to make your aloe vera gel, you will need the following:

  • One or two aloe vera leaves
  • Knife or vegetable peeler
  • Another bowl and spoon
  • Blender
  • Airtight container to store remaining aloe vera gel
  • Powdered vitamins (optional for keeping leftovers lasting long)

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2. Get the Aloe Vera Gel

First, you should prepare the aloe leaves if you didn’t purchase prepared aloe vera gel. If you have, you can skip this step.

fresh aloe vera leaves

Cut the outer leaves from the plant’s base when using fresh aloe leaves. Wash the leaf well and remove any dirt and debris, then let it stand upright in a bowl or cup for 15 minutes. This will drain the yellow-tinted resin from the leaf, which contains latex, an ingredient that may irritate the skin.

Once the resin is completely drained, rewash the leaf, peeling off its thick skin using the knife or vegetable peeler.

After peeling the leaf, you’ll find the natural aloe vera gel. Use the spoon to scoop the gel into the blender, avoiding placing pieces of the aloe vera skin. Blend the gel once it has liquified and looks frothy, which only takes less than half a minute.

If you plan to keep any remaining aloe vera gel, put it in an airtight container, and freeze it. You can also add powdered vitamins C and E, which are natural preservatives, to extend your aloe vera gel’s shelf life. This is a good option if you plan to make more hand sanitizer or skincare products at home.

Add 500mg of powdered vitamins C and E for every quarter cup of aloe vera gel, using the blender to mix it well.

Place it in the fridge, which can last for up to two months compared to one week if there aren’t any vitamins incorporated. You can put it in the freezer, which can also last for six months!

3. Add The Ingredients

Once your aloe vera gel is prepared, mix the alcohol and aloe vera gel in the bowl. For every four ounces of isopropyl alcohol you put, mix in two ounces of aloe vera gel, maintaining a 2:1 ratio of alcohol to gel. Wear gloves while doing so, and keep the pure alcohol away from your skin.

Add the essential oils to the mix and incorporate everything well with the spoon. Essential oils are optional, but some have excellent skin health benefits and natural fragrances for a pleasant smell.

If you’re using 70% alcohol, avoid adding essential oils, which can dilute the alcohol. You may need to add a bit more alcohol to the mix for it to be effective.

4. Store It Properly

gel hand sanitizer pump bottle

Use the funnel and place it on the bottle. Carefully pour the mixed hand sanitizer into the funnel, which then transfers to the bottle. Screw the bottle cover tightly, and you’re good to go!

You can now bring your hand sanitizer anywhere for easy cleaning and sanitation. The sanitizer can last up to one week or so, so be sure to use it before the gel spoils.

5. How the Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer Helps

Hand sanitizers are great to defend yourself against viruses when you’re out and can’t wash your hands immediately after.

For those aloe vera hand sanitizers, the active ingredient is alcohol, which should be at least 60% in your formula so it’s an effective disinfectant. Use only isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, either 99% rubbing or 95% grain alcohol. Do NOT use methanol, butanol, or other types of alcohol, which are toxic to the skin.

The aloe vera gel can help further moisturize, sanitize, and protect your hands, with preservatives and essential oils helping the sanitation and skin health further. You can also use this sanitizer to treat minor wounds, bug bites, and sunburns with aloe vera’s antioxidants and skin-healing properties.

Also, note that hand sanitizers aren’t as effective if your hands are already visibly greasy and dirty. It won’t eliminate all germs but are a cheaper and healthier alternative to other sanitizers. Simply use the homemade sanitizer to clean your hands when you can’t wash them yet, but be sure to wash your hands the moment you get the chance.

Learn more about making your hand sanitizer using aloe vera gel and its effectiveness in this video:

Wrapping It Up

Making your hand sanitizer doesn’t have to be so tricky, it can even save you money! With aloe vera gel, you have an all-natural sanitizer that’s safe to use and cleans your hands well. It’s a great project to do with the kids and will save you money while protecting yourself from germs.

I hope that these steps on how to make hand sanitizer with aloe vera helped you out. So start preparing your ingredients and try making your sanitizer for clean hands wherever you go!

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