How to Stop a Pimple From Forming

We all know how annoying it is to find a pimple on our face first thing in the morning. Sometimes, we can feel it forming even before it comes out, because of overactive oil glands or inflamed pores. That’s why if we start to feel a pimple form, it’s time to take the preventive measures to keep it from popping up and causing irritation!

But the question is: How and what are the real effective ways to do so? Read on as I show you the genuine tips on how to stop a pimple from forming to help you out!

Eight Ways on How to Stop a Pimple From Forming

Sometimes, we can’t help but have pimples form from various causes, may it be from genetics or other external factors like air pollution and wrong products. As uncomfortable as it can be, don’t worry, as there are methods on how to keep it from getting worse! So if you do start to feel a one popping anywhere around your face, then here are ways on how to stop a pimple from forming:

1. Using a Hot Water or Ice Cold Compress

This is one of the first steps you can start doing if ever you feel a pimple about to form. Use a hot compress or a washcloth with hot water, pressing it on the unsurfaced pimple for about half a minute. Rinse and repeat. This can open your pores so you’re able to treat these pimples easier.

You can also ice it, wrapping an ice cube with a small towel and holding it in the affected area for five minutes. Take it off for another five minutes, then repeat three times. This will decrease inflammation, reducing the pimple size and growth.

2. Try Putting Natural Antiseptics

If you have already placed a hot compress on your face, then use antiseptics to lessen the severity of the forming pimple. Moisten cotton balls with lemon juice or white vinegar (you can mix it with honey if you want), then blot it on the affected area a few times. Continue to blot with the cotton ball for a few minutes, but avoid pressing into your face too much, which can cause it to worsen.

3. Place a Teabag On Affected Area

teabag in cup with hot fresh drink

You can opt for teabags, which can help draw hidden pimples from your skin’s surface. The tannins tea contains will help your next treatments work better and even help with the inflammation of your skin. I recommend that you use black tea, which has more tannins, though other teabags work well, too.

All you need to do is to steep a teabag in hot water as you normally would, allow it to cool, then wipe your pimple with the bag gently.

4. A Yeast Mixture May Help

Using a mixture of yeast and milk can kill any bacteria which causes acne, while the milk’s lactic acid helps lessen inflammation. It’s best done after placing a hot compress or a teabag on the forming pimple.

To do this, mix half a teaspoon of milk and one teaspoon of powdered yeast in a small bowl. Put the paste mixture on the affected area before going to bed, leaving it overnight and rinsing it in the morning.

5. Benzoyl-Peroxide or Other Pimple Medication

Benzoyl-peroxide is an effective way to clear up your pimples immediately, including those that are under your skin. But before you do this, make sure that you have non-comedogenic moisturizers to use after the treatment, to avoid dry skin. Dab a bit of the acne medication using a cotton ball on the affected area.

You can also opt to use tea tree oil, which works similarly to the acne medication, though the results aren’t as quick.

tea tree oil
Tea tree oil

6. Avoid Touching It and Stay Away From Air Pollution

This is pretty logical, but still needs to be mentioned as most people don’t realize how touching their face can lead to blemishes like pimples! To make sure that your skin doesn’t get irritated any further, do NOT touch your face or any forming pimples, and never try to pop a pimple, regardless of how small or big it is. Furthermore, try to stay away from direct sunlight (or stay protected with sunscreen), as well as keep out of the smoke, fumes, and other forms of air pollution.

7. Drink More Water and Wash Your Face

wash your face

Drinking water can help flush out the excess salts in your body, which are what can cause inflammation and swelling. It also reduces redness and promotes clear skin. Aim to drink at least three liters a day to prevent pimples and other blemishes from forming.

Also, make sure that you wash your face twice a day with mild cleansing agents that contain salicylic acid, which gets rid of dead skin cells and excess oil.

8. Use and Consume the Right Products For Your Skin

Last but not least, prevent pimples from forming at all by using products that do NOT irritate your skin, using non-comedogenic makeup and water-based cosmetics to prevent clogged pores. Also, avoid consuming too much dairy, which is what can increase breakouts. Opt for healthier diets filled with natural foods that lessen inflammation and promote clearer skin.

If you want to learn more about how to stop a pimple from forming, check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Pimples are triggered from various reasons, and while some are already beginning to appear, it doesn’t mean you can stop them from forming. With the right methods and preventive measures, you can heal your skin and keep it clear from inflamed pores and the like. Whether you take vitamins or use honey and other natural ingredients, you can find something suitable for you and your face.

Hopefully, this article on how to stop a pimple from forming helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and take any of these preventive measures now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on how to stop a pimple from forming, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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