can you reverse sugar damage to skin

So, you loaded up on sweets and now want to know – can you reverse sugar damage to the skin? If you have binged on cakes and pastries and all that sugary stuff, listen up: It’s not too late to reverse the nasty effects of sugar on your skin. Check out these straightforward things you can do to reverse sugar damage to the skin. Then, you can stop worrying about wrinkles, acne, and all the bad things sugar does to you. Here it goes!

Can You Reverse Sugar Damage to Skin?

Perhaps you just indulged in a lot of sweets during the weekend, the festivities during the holidays, or just about any day of the week.

Now, you are reaping the nasty effects of sugar.

For the most part, sugar is to blame for those unsightly wrinkles. This is what we call glycation or the type of glucose that gets into your bloodstream then hooks up to proteins. This is also responsible for the formation of new molecules that cause more harm than good to your skin.

Otherwise known as Advanced Glycation End, these AGEs stiffen and roughen your skin’s protein fibers.

In other words, the AGEs cause your skin’s texture to become saggy and sallow. You can also start getting those dreaded furrows and wrinkles.

As if those things are not bad enough, sugar can also give you acne. So, you can say goodbye to clear, flawless and youthful skin.

So, is it the end of your skin’s better days?

Thankfully, there are certain things you can do. Glycation’s effects can be reversed, although it does take some time to do so.

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What Can You Do to Reverse Sugar Damage to Skin

Now, let’s talk about action. What are the steps you can take to reverse sugar’s damage to your skin?

Naturally, you just want to avoid sugar altogether. However, it is absolutely impossible to do… No matter how hard you may try.

For instance, fruits and vegetables contain sugar or glucose. It pretty much offers the same level of sugar damage just as cakes and pastries.

Then, there are foods with refined sugar, which causes inflammation while boosting the production of glycation in the body.

This is why it is a lot of work to balance your glucose levels. It is necessary to have some kind of a balancing act to make sure you don’t get the bad effects. Your body needs some glucose, as well, to be able to change it into energy.

So without further ado, here are some things you can do to reverse sugar damage to your skin.

1. Consume a diet low in glycemic index.

A diet that mainly involves low GI foods is good for you and your skin.

This means that consuming foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains can defend your skin from the nasty effects of glycation.

These foods help to release sugar slowly, which means you are limiting the skin’s tendency to age in top speed.

Simply cut out white flour and refined sugar in your diet such as sugary treats, pasta, and alcohol. Instead, you should consume more foods that are higher in antioxidant content. Healthy fats and fiber are also great for your skin overall.

2. Take vitamin C.

If you are not getting enough vitamin c from your diet, then you should take supplements with this important nutrient.

What vitamin C does is it protects your skin from glycation. It also boosts collagen production and synthesis, as well as improve the skin’s structure.

In addition to foods rich in vitamin C, you should apply topical creams rich in this vitamin. Facial creams and soaps that are noted for their vitamin C content can do wonders to your skin.

What vitamin C does is it reduces pigmentation, minimizes puffiness and dark circles. It also keeps the capillaries stronger, which eliminate risks of wrinkles and premature signs of aging.

3. Apply retinoids.

Retinoids are also great for your skin. These help increase the production of collagen and replace damaged ones with healthier collagen.

You should be able to find dermatologist-recommended retinoids that are beneficial to your skin. These should also help to make your skin tighter and clearer over time.

4. Consider taking supplements

Next, you should think about supplements.

Oral supplements that help to control the bad effects of glycation can benefit your skin greatly.

We recommend multivitamins that contain at least a milligram of vitamin B6 and B1. A daily supplement with these vitamins can help to inhibit the production of AGE in the body.

Additionally, there is such a thing as carnosine in some supplements. This is a type of amino acid that helps to make your skin more youthful.

5. Never leave home without sunscreen.

And lastly, never underestimate the power of sunscreen.

Sun damage can make things worse to your skin that’s already damaged from too much sugar.

You should check the SPF of the sunscreen in question, which should be enough to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Always apply a good amount of sunscreen to your face and you may need to reapply within the day if it wears off.

Bottom Line

So, can you ever sugar damage to skin?

The quick and definitive answer is a resounding yes.

It is absolutely possible to reverse the nasty effects of sugar on your skin, and these 5 tips we have just shared with you can definitely do the trick. We hope we were able to give you insight on skin care and keeping your skin as youthful as ever with these tips.

Now, you can stop worrying about aging skin and perform these helpful pieces of advice that will do wonders to your skin for a long time!

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