should i get a body wave

Perms are now back and loosened up, giving you the option of what kind of wave you want, from effortless curls to S-pattern and bohemian-style hair.

But as the name suggests, this is a permanent process, which is why many have wondered, “should I get a body wave?” I show you more about the process to see if it’s right for you.

Should I Get a Body Wave?

A body wave differs from regular perms in its technique. Perms are a process where your hair is treated with chemicals to alter its structure, permanently curling or waving your hair.

With body wave perms, smaller sections of your hair are wrapped in large rollers in different thicknesses. Meaning, there is no consistent wave pattern compared to regular perms. That way, it brings out the lustrous locks and adds volume to your hair.

If you want that type of hairstyle and get the volume you need and a more natural look to your waves, this perm is for you. It’s also more ideal for those who have virgin hair rather than those who have undergone chemical processes. This is because the perm can lead to further hair damage and dryness.

BUT, there’s more to learn when getting a perm, such as:

What’s the Procedure

perm at the beauty salon

Before you begin the procedure, you’ll need to talk with your stylist for them to check with your hair state and structure. After that, they will begin the process with the right products and chemicals.

  1. Your hair will be washed using a clarifying shampoo without conditioner, then dried off excess moisture
  2. Hair sections are wrapped around rollers, with scalp protection placed on your hairline
  3. Your stylist will then add the perm solution and will stay for a certain amount of time
  4. They will rinse your hair in lukewarm water and the neutralizing solution will be applied
  5. The rollers will then be removed from your hair carefully, then rinsed again to wash off chemicals
  6. Air-dry it and it will take up to 36 hours to see the results. This can last for five months, depending on your type of hair and the frequency you wash your hair for

The Pros and Cons of Body Waves

Young beautiful woman with curly hairWhat’s great about body waves is that you have the air-dried finish regardless of your hairstyle. Your straight hair can have beautiful twists and movements without the need to heat or style it for hours. Furthermore, the body waves can support whatever hairstyle, turning your hair softer and with a more natural-looking texture.

However, body waves do have their disadvantages. It can be a bit tedious to maintain, as you need post-perm haircare products and a routine. You will also expose your hair to chemicals, which may cause damage to your hair, depending on its sensitivity.

Wrapping It Up

When you hear the word perm, you’ll be surprised that it’s evolved from being the creased and pleated bush from the 80s! It’s become more beautiful and innovative, a reason why many choose to have one.

However, whether or not you get a body wave is totally up to you and other factors mentioned above. Just make sure your hair is healthy enough for it and that you have a reputable hairstylist.

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