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It’s true what they say. What lies inside matters the most. The common saying also applies to your skin health and what you eat. Most people can relate to the dread of finding a big red spot sitting on your face on an important day. Even if you apply makeup to cover the acne, you have to get to the root of the problem to find a suitable treatment. If you suddenly start breaking out, consider adjusting your diet for healthier meals. 

Beyond providing energy to survive, the food you eat also nourishes your skin cells. Younger cells shed and replace older ones during their lifespan, and these cells require nutrients to support the growth process that allows your skin to look supple. Aging affects everyone and slows down new cell production. However, some foods like coffee can cause premature aging that makes your skin develop wrinkles and folds.

Dermatologists believe you should adopt a nutrient-packed diet for healthy skin. Nutrients like omega fatty acids and fiber increase collagen supply, which tightens your skin and reduces wrinkles. Try these foods if you want to learn more about the correct diet for beautiful skin:


Fatty fish like salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids that protect against skin inflammation. The fat in the fish also helps your body grow healthy cells by reinforcing your skin’s moisture barrier. The barrier keeps the dirt and germ out and seals the moisture. Eating salmon also protects you from skin diseases like lupus and psoriasis.

Salmon is one of the good food for your skin

Try salmon with dishes like stir-fries and rice dishes. Season the salmon with your favorite spices and pan-sear for 8 minutes. For healthier options, throw the fish in an oven for less than ten minutes and serve with a side of vegetables or boiled potatoes.

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Tomatoes ​​

Tomatoes make a good eye mask, and your skin will thank you more if you add them to your diet. They contain lycopene, a compound that protects the cells from sun damage. According to a recent study, people who ate five spoons of tomato paste daily showed 33% more protection from sunburn than those that didn’t have any.

What is the Best Diet for Beautiful Skin - Tomato

The vegetables also improve your skin’s texture by increasing the absorption of carotenoids, and these compounds are responsible for boosting skin tone, brightness, and firmness. With tomatoes, you have many meal options for your diet, and you can cook them into stews, soups, or salads. Order your favorite tomato-based dish from a meal plan delivery service if you don’t like to cook.


Who knew avocado toast works for healthy skin? Like salmon, this fruit also contains a high amount of healthy fat. According to studies, many women with supple skin included avocados in their diets. Beyond the omega fatty acids, avocados also contain compounds that offer sun protection to your skin. Sun damage causes unpleasant conditions like premature aging, wrinkles, and blisters.

What is the Best Diet for Beautiful Skin? - Avocado

Other nutrients in the fruit include Vitamin E and Vitamin C that boost collagen production and protect your skin from free radicals. You can eat avocados in your toast, blend into a delicious smoothie, or combine with other vegetables to make a salad.


Consider adding kale to your daily meals
Consider adding kale to your daily meals.

Acne shows up on the skin when the glands become infected and inflamed. Eating processed foods like cakes, biscuits, and sugar drinks can trigger acne breakouts. Cut down margarine and other fatty foods to lower your risks of breaking out. Eat vegetables like kale and spinach to improve your skin health and also treat acne. Kale also contains compounds that help reduce acne scars and spots.

Blend kale with berries and an apple for a hearty breakfast, or fry with other vegetables for lunch. You can also steam with some grilled chicken for dinner.


Like avocados and salmon, walnuts are also a rich source of omega fatty acids. Psoriasis happens when the skin cells multiply rapidly beyond the regular growth rate in the outer skin layers. The overgrown cells appear as red, itchy patches on the elbow and knees.


In severe cases, the patches become sore, causing the skin layers to break and bleed. Factors like sunburn, alcohol consumption, and stress sometimes trigger psoriasis symptoms in patients. Fatty acids from walnuts contain nutrients like zinc that treat the flare-ups, and these seeds contain collagen that prevents sagging and keeps the skin firm. You can also combine the walnut with other nourishing herbs like ginger, garlic, and rosemary.

Use walnuts as toppings for your salads and breakfast smoothies, or add them into your low-fat pastries.

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Sweet Potatoes

In the body, sweet potatoes convert beta carotene into vitamin A. Both nutrients act as natural blocks against free radicals that harm the skin. The free radicals cause cell death, wrinkles, and sunburn, and vitamin A also reverses early signs of aging and fights discoloration.

Sweet potatoes.

Eating lots of sweet potatoes can add an orange tint which brightens up your skin and gives you an overall glow. Eat sweet potatoes with eggs for dinner or bake them into a healthy pie for dinner.

Final Words

All the ingredients/ food mentioned above are my ideas for healthy skin. You should try this while still doing your skincare routine. I hope this will bring double efficiency to skincare in general. If there is anything missing in my article about “What is the Best Diet for Beautiful Skin?”, let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for reading from Be Youngaholic!

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