We all know that yogurt is good for you but here’s the thing – does yogurt make you break out?

Is it really the culprit behind that nasty acne? Or can we blame other things for it?

It is a fact that sugar tends to cause breakouts. And yes, some yogurts have sugar, especially flavored ones.

Thus, this leaves us wondering if it is indeed something to be blamed for your acne. Well, we have done our homework and discovered a surprising fact you may need to know. Keep reading and see for yourself if you should keep eating yogurt or stop it completely for your skin’s sake.

Discover the Facts – Does Yogurt Make You Break Out?

The answer is “It depends.”

Yogurt comes in different flavors and varieties. For instance, there are fruit-flavored or artificial flavored yogurts, which are heavily-laden with sugar.

On the other hand, there are those light varieties that do have less sugar content but more chemicals, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners. We cannot really say that they are indeed better than the other.

Furthermore, you may have heard of Greek yogurt that comes with amazing health benefits. But at the same time, this may negatively impact other people’s skins and leave them with zits.

So, the question is, how can you really tell if you have a yogurt sensitivity? Does yogurt make you break out, or can we blame something else for your acne?

Reasons Why Yogurt May Cause Breakouts

Yogurt is good for your body. There is no doubt about it.

In fact, it is highly beneficial to the health of your gut microbiome. And when your insides are healthy, it shows in the quality of your skin.

However, do take note that there are two factors influencing the effectiveness of yogurt to your body.

For instance, you need to eat the “right” kind of yogurt. If you want a truly healthy, gut-friendly yogurt, then the best one is plain – unflavored and unsweetened – Greek yogurt.

Sugar is more often than not the reason behind your breakouts. But at the same time, milk products – no matter how plain or unsweetened – still have sugar. This is why when you buy yogurt that is supposedly fat-free, manufacturers add something else to it to make up for the lack of flavors.

As a result, this fat-free or low-fat yogurt becomes packed with artificial flavors and colors. Worse, they also tend to put more sugar in it just so there will be “better” flavor.

Aside from sugar, there are folks who suffer from dairy allergies. They may be okay with lactose, yet they just cannot handle a lot of dairy.

Thus, they tend to consume more yogurt because of the minimal lactose content in it. But at the same time, they may not be capable of processing milk proteins very well. The allergy arises when the casein and whey in milk causes skin reactions such as acne, swelling, itching and so on.

To make things even worse, other symptoms arise including wheezing and difficulty breathing. But according to experts, it is most likely the whey protein allergy that causes their skin to break out.

young woman eating yogurt

What To Do With Acne Caused By Yogurt

Supposing you are uncertain if yogurt is indeed the reason behind the acne. What can you do to know for sure and what are the steps you need to take after discovering it is the culprit?

First, you can try to experiment by eliminating yogurt for a couple of weeks.

Maybe you have been consuming sugar-free or plain yogurt, yet you are still getting breakouts. What you can do is to perform some kind of a test to know for certain if it is really causing your acne or something else.

Instead of using yogurt for your cereal or smoothies, replace it with non-dairy ones. Nut Milk is a great alternative to yogurt since it is also fatty and creamy, yet without dairy content.

So, if you have dairy allergies, nut milk will never trigger any allergic reactions. You can also give a break to your digestive system, especially if you have been experiencing constant reactions from the dairy.

Furthermore, you can eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits. These are very cleansing to your body and help to clear up your skin, as well. Consume more raw vegetables such as greens daily. Salad greens and vegetable soups are outstanding options as not only are these healthy but they are also satisfying.

If you have noticed positive effects from eliminating yogurt, then you can say for sure that it is definitely the reason behind the breakouts. But if you do wish to bring it back to your diet, you can introduce it slowly once more.

The most important thing is that you simply stick to the plain, unsweetened yogurt instead of opting for the sugary ones packed with artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Limit your yogurt intake to a few times a week and see how that ends up for you. When you start to notice your acne coming back, then the message is clear – you should definitely take it out of your system completely. Otherwise, the acne will just keep coming back. Treating it as a twice a month indulgence but eating an abundance of raw, organic greens should be able to help counter the effects of dairy allergies, though.


Does yogurt make you break out?

Yes and no. For some, it is the result of the sugar content in the yogurt or their dairy allergies. But for others who do not have such sensitivities, yogurt may not even do anything differently to their skin.

To know for certain if it is yogurt that causes your breakouts, consider eliminating it from your diet for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Then, you can take the right action to put an end to your acne woes once and for all!

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