is gel nail polish good for your nails

We all want to take care of our nails and have them look great, which is why there are so many choices of nail polish and care products to use. One of the more popular ones is gel nail polish, which is beneficial in terms of strength and aesthetics. But is gel nail polish good for your nails or should you look for other choices instead?

Read on as I show you what gel nail polish is and if your nails will stay healthy using it.

What Is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel nail polish, or gel manicures, are different from your typical polish. It goes through a lengthier, more tedious process.

You will have your nails shaped and cleaned, as usual, then have a base coat applied before any colors.

Once they add a gel base coat, your nails are placed under UV lights, curing the nail polish. Each coat you apply will be set under UV lights for one to two minutes per coating until the topcoat. The gel nail polish is made of acrylic oligomers and monomers, which will bond together when exposed under UV light (a process called curing).

The gel nail polish will then turn into chemical-resistant and hard coating! You can learn more about how the process goes in this informative video:

While a more expensive and long process that takes a professional to apply it, a lot of people choose gel nail polish because of its longevity. They can last for weeks at a time, only requiring replacement or removal once your nails begin to grow out too far. It has the extra layer of protection to prevent nails from breaking or chipping.

That’s why it’s a great choice for many people who want to grow out their nails and want it to look cute while doing so despite using their hands a lot.

Is Gel Nail Polish Good For Your Nails?

So if gel nail polish consists of different layers with UV light, doesn’t that mean it’s unsafe?

There have been some studies that too much UV light from gel nail polish can lead to skin cancers, but that is NOT true. The risk is very small, though it’s best that you use physical-blocking sunscreens and/or UVA-protective gloves to limit risks of both photoaging and carcinogenesis.

What about your nails requiring air “to breathe?” Won’t the multiple coats of gel nail polish cover your nails’ needs? It’s true that gel nail polish will seal your nails for weeks, but your nails actually won’t need air.

Gel nail polish cuts off nails’ air supply just how regular polish does, though longer. Take note that nails aren’t a living part in bodies, unlike skin, so it’s safe to cut it off from the air.

How about the nail beds? Unfortunately, it DOES make the nail beds weaker, but it doesn’t harm one’s actual nails. Your nail beds and cuticles are the ones sensitive to air (or lack of it) and will be susceptible to damage if removed improperly.

Because of the thinning and weakening of nail beds, you will need to take extra care of your nails. It’s best that you look at what the nail polish is made of and avoid any harmful chemicals. Also, look into the removal process and ask about how the nail polish will be taken off, whether scrubbed off with harmful chemicals or carefully removed with safety in mind.

Furthermore, gel nail polish will only hurt your nails if you pick at it, so avoid trying to pick and peel at it as a bad habit. This doesn’t only make nails unattractive, but thinner and weaker!

So is gel nail polish good for the nails? It’s completely safe to use as long as you undergo the proper removal process. You can either take them off at home with the right knowledge and materials or visit a professional to do it without causing any damage.

Take further care of your nails by giving your nails up to two weeks to recover before reapplying gel nail polish again. This rehydrates your nails and prevents it from getting even weaker.

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Wrapping It Up

Gel nail polish offers a lot of benefits if you want something strong and less likely to chip. When thinking about your nail health, it may weaken some parts but as long as it’s properly removed on time, you won’t have to worry. Remove it properly and use the RIGHT gel nail polish, and you can enjoy amazing-looking nails for weeks.

I hope that y article answered your question, “is gel nail polish good for your nails?” Weigh the pros and cons of what your nails need and choose the right nail polish today!

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