Nail Polish Essentials

Nail polish is a pleasant and attractive way to design your nails and show off your personality. It’s totally understandable that you have a collection of them as it’s always fun to play with the colors. But when you no longer want to use those colors, what should you do with all those nail polish?

Here are some ways you can use your nail polish that have nothing to do with your nails:

1. Make Unique Pieces Of Jewelry

If you’re into arts and crafts, then you will love using nail polish in making unique and colorful jewelry and accessories. If you want a metallic feel, apply gold or silver nail polish to your charms and beads. Don’t forget to apply clear nail polish to prevent the other nail polish from chipping!

2. Repair Your Window Screens

Neglecting small holes in your window screens will allow them to become bigger. This will invite insects, like mosquitoes and bugs, to get into your home. You can prevent further damage by applying nail polish to the holes. This will keep them from becoming bigger and make your screens last longer.

3. Laminate Your Things

Clear nail polish can laminate almost anything inside your home. You can use it to protect your books, notebooks, and even medicine bottles that have essential instructions. You can use it on labels, like on your plants and kitchen things to make sure that they don’t fade away.

4. Provide Better Grip for Your Glasses

If you are someone who has eyesight problems, then you very well understand the importance of your glasses. Changing from one pair to another may not cost that much, but getting used to a specific pair is something. When you notice that the screws of your glasses are becoming loose, you can give them a quick fix with a nail polish bottle. This is an affordable and effective way so you can use your pair of glasses longer.

5. Upscale Your Buttons

Are you tired of your buttons randomly falling or popping off? You can secure them into your clothes by applying some nail polish to them. This will keep the threads from loosening, which is usually why you keep losing buttons. Moreover, if you find the metal buttons of your jeans itchy or uncomfortable, applying some nail polish will also do the trick.

6. Faster Shower Preparations

Prepping up for shower sometimes take a lot of time when you cannot find the perfect water temperature right away. This gets frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry or late for school or an appointment. You can mark the handles in your shower so you can determine right away the perfect temperature for you. This saves you a lot of time for other things. It will also prevent you from cramming, which tends to lead to other problems, like forgetting your keys or smartphone.

7. Fix Your Paint Job

Scratches on the paint job of your car, bike, or even your kids’ toys can lead to rust and more damage. Repainting the whole thing is just not practical and too expensive. If the scratches are minor, you can use your nail polish that has the same shade as the paint. This is hardly noticeable and an economical way to keep your things from further damage.

8. Make Your Keys Organized

When you have a lot of keys, you can make them easily distinguishable by assigning them different colors. For your house keys, choose a really bright nail polish color so you can find it easily even when coming home at night. Keeping your keys organized will make it easier for you to find the key you need, saving you a lot of time.

9. Clean Up Your Other Nail Polish

If you have accidentally spilled your nail polish, you can remove it with another nail polish. Using a nail polish remover might damage the surface it was spilled on. Add a bit more of the nail polish to make it softer and easier to remove. Wipe it with a soft cloth or paper towel. If the nail polish is very pigmented, use clear nail polish to remove it.

10. Enhance Your Shoes

If you have old shoes that you want to wear again, you can improve their look simply by using nail polish. Are there minor scratches? No problem! Your nail polish will be an effective solution. If you’re feeling artsy, you can even add your own designs to your shoes. You can use a nail polish pen or even a toothpick to create your designs.

11. Secure an Envelope

If you’re going to mail a letter or something important, you can use your nail polish to seal the envelope. It’s always better to use glue or paster for better sealing, but somethings these things are hard to find at home. If you are in a hurry and just couldn’t find something to secure the letter, you can use your nail polish to make sure that it stays sealed inside the envelope.

12. Design Your Smartphone

Decorating your phone’s outer casing is surely something fun to do. Having different designs will mean you can pair your phone with your overall outfit. It’s also nice to have unique designs to make your phone stand out. Buy an affordable clear casing and use it for your canvass. Use different colors of your nail polish and let out your creative and artistic skills!

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