hole from pimple how to heal it

Do you have the bad habit of popping your pimples in an attempt to remove them permanently? Unfortunately, this can lead to acne scarring, causing holes from your popped pimples that lead to further blemishes. No one wants to deal with the scarring and holes, but it’s inevitable if you accidentally popped it or if you have severe pimple problems.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce that scarring. Read on to learn more about hole from pimple and how to heal it.

Hole From Pimple and How to Heal It

When you pop a pimple, wherever part of the body it may be, it can damage and rupture your skin. This is because popping your pimples will break open your skin, damaging small blood vessels and scuffing the area.

Not only does it pop the outer layer, but it also affects the dermis as well, the second skin layer. The damage can prevent further collagen growth in the area, causing a small hole.

The pimple hole you see is a type of acne scar we call depressed scars. These would leave a hole in your skin when the tissue sinks to the area after popping your pimple. They typically appear on the forehead or cheeks, with ice pick scars falling into this same type.

So when popping a pimple, it makes things worse and can cause holes or even permanent scarring. You can learn more about acne scars in this informative video:

Getting Rid of Hole From Pimples

Fortunately, there are ways on how you can get rid of the holes from popped pimples, but a warning: It may not be easy.

Here are the ways you can heal depressed acne scars:

  • You can treat your pimple scars with laser treatments. These will enable the collagen to regrow at the affected area, helping reduce the depression and pits
  • The hole will need to heal to minimize any scarring after popping. Because of this, you need to keep your skin moist, ensuring that you clean the area daily to get rid of bacteria and germs. The moisture can heal the scarring, preventing the hole from creating a scab and promote new skin cell growth
  • Vaseline MAY help after popping a pimple, as this keeps the skin moist and improve the wound healing. Just be sure to use it OVER your usual moisturizer for smoother healing with minimal scarring
  • Aloe vera can help with pimple holes as well, as it has anti-inflammatory properties to heal quicker. It’s a great pair with current acne treatments and medications to heal acne
  • Do NOT touch your popped pimple and hole, avoid rubbing or poking it, giving it time to heal on its own. Avoid makeup as much as possible and opt for gel spot treatments to cover up the affected area if you need to put makeup on
  • Treat it with anti-bacterial treatment helps in wound healing, as well as applying witch hazel for the astringent properties to kill off any acne-causing bacteria
  • If you feel a bit of stinging, you can cool down the popped pimple with ice, reducing any inflammation and swelling

Do note that it can take three to six months for the depressed scarring to completely heal. Yes, this is a long time, but fortunately, it means that the scars aren’t permanent and will go away with proper skin care routines and treatments. If you want to have it treated right away, you can go to your dermatologist to talk about procedures right for your skin.

Prevent Holes From Pimples

The number one answer to preventing holes from pimples is to STOP POPPING PIMPLES in the first place. This is difficult especially when you have a habit of doing so, and if the pimple has been irritating you for quite some time. However, it’s much better to leave the pimple be and let nature run its course until it disappears, rather than having long-term scars.

Furthermore, it’s best that you keep up a skincare routine that can prevent and treat further acne. Wash your face with good cleansers daily, using toner and a moisturizer right after. Besides this, learn the triggers of your acne to take proper action on how to maintain better skin health.

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Wrapping It Up

I know how much of a hassle dealing with pimples can be, but it will be worse when left with scarring. It’s best that you leave your pimples alone to heal to prevent holes from it and to take preventative measures from it happening. You don’t need to spend oodles of money and time doing so, just make sure you use appropriate skin care products and a routine.

I hope that this article on hole form pimple and how to heal it helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and start following these tips to prevent further acne scarring.

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