is it okay to put baby oil on your face

You’ve probably heard of applying baby oil to your skin for its various health benefits. But is it okay to put baby oil on your face and does it work the way people claim it to be? Well, that depends!

Sure, it’s safe for adults to use it, as baby oil is made for the sensitive skin of young ones. With that said, what can it do for your face, and will you really benefit from it? That depends!

Read on as I show you what baby oil can do for your face.

Can You Put baby Oil On Your Face?

The primary use of baby oil is as a moisturizer to treat dry or rough skin or diaper rashes on babies.

Baby oil isn’t just for babies, but adults can use them as well. A lot of people have claimed that baby oil helps remove makeup and feels gentle as well.

However, while it isn’t unsafe, it’s not the best option for one’s skincare routine. Experts say that using baby oil on your face is fine as long as your skin is comfortable using products that come from petroleum and if it isn’t acne-prone.

What Is Baby Oil Made Of?

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Baby oil is comprised of mineral oil, which is a by-product of petroleum. While refined mineral oil for cosmetic products is non-toxic, it seals the skin to trap moisture.

Mineral oil from baby oils have low potentials in clogging pores, but they are heavy and difficult to remove. Over time, especially when using it daily, it can form layers that prevent natural cell turnover, which then causes acne.

Besides this, baby oil contains fragrances that can be irritating on sensitive skin. This makes baby oil more beneficial for other uses rather than for the face, such as body moisturizer, a makeup brush cleaner, hair oil, or to apply as an aftershave!

With that said, oil-based cleansers may help remove dirt and makeup from the face. Meaning, baby oil CAN be an effective FIRST step to double cleansing or oil-cleaning one’s face. You just have to make sure your face isn’t sensitive or prone to acne.

It really all depends on your skin type and how your face reacts to baby oil. You can try it for a week, applying only small amounts of it when cleansing your face. If you find that your skin feels irritated or acne worsens, stop using baby oil immediately.

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Should You Use Baby Oil On Your Face

There isn’t anything wrong when using baby oil. But, you’re better off using other well-formulated skincare products. You’ll find that there are a lot of options available, whether oil-based or not, to clean your face!

For me, I would rather use coconut oil or other cleaners made for the face and makeup removal.

Learn more about the uses of baby oil and if you should consider trying it in this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

It’s completely safe to apply baby oil on your face, just as you would with baby wipes or other natural ingredients. But it shouldn’t be an everyday routine and you will need to observe its effects before making it your go-to skincare product! No one has the same skin type and some products may have different effects on one person, whether negative or positive.

I hope that this article answered your question, “is it okay to put baby oil on your face?” Now that you know the answer, check if baby oil is safe for your skin type!

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