baby wipes vs makeup remover wipes

Removing makeup can be such a hassle, which is why there are makeup remover wipes to assist you. These wipes can take away hard-to-remove makeup products in just a few swipes, making them a must-have for many. However, people have contested on using baby wipes vs makeup remover wipes instead for the former’s benefits.

Which is the better option for your face? Read on as I compare both wipes for you to see which works best for you.

Baby Wipes vs Makeup Remover Wipes

I know a lot of people who use baby wipes to remove makeup, while others swear by makeup remover wipes.

Fortunately, you can use EITHER wipe for your face to remove makeup! Check out these five helpful comparisons:

1. The Main Use

For starters, what are these types of wipes and what are they used for?

Baby wipes are actually and all-around skin cleanser that is safe on baby skin. It doesn’t contain as many skincare benefits as its main use is to clean skin, with some wipes containing alcohol while others do not.

As for makeup remover wipes, these are makeup dissolvers that are friendly on adult skin. It has skincare and makeup-removing ingredients like cream, emulsion, and/or oil extracts.

Both of these wipes are portable and travel-friendly, you can find them in small packs you can place in your bag without any issue.

2. Cloth Quality

Baby wipes can remove makeup because of its wet condition. BUT, it isn’t made for dissolving makeup and may leave traces of it which can clog your skin, causing a breakout.

However, this is only a disadvantage for those who wear long-wearing or waterproof makeup. If you use “normal” makeup, then baby wipes may clean your face just as easily as makeup removers.

Makeup remover wipes are built with formulas that can dissolve both light and heavy makeup, depending on its variant and formula used. Some wipes also come with exfoliators for an even deeper clean to remove all traces of makeup to prevent blemishes and breakouts.

The wipes’ overall cloth quality is similar to one another, though baby wipes may be bigger than what you need. You can cut, tear, for fold it for future use. Besides this, baby wipes might be a bit too wet for your face, causing some discomfort.

Both wipes usually aren’t rough on the skin, depending on the brand and your skin type. You just have to be wary with what you get and ensure that it’s soft on your skin and that you avoid rubbing it too forcefully, which can damage it.

3. The Cleansing Ingredients

As mentioned makeup remover wipes contain different ingredients that help remove makeup completely. But when we look into cleaning ingredients, both formulas would use mild cleansers without sulfate.

With that said, baby wipes may not be as deep cleansing compared to makeup remover wipes, especially when dealing with heavy and waxy buildup from waterproof eye makeup and lipstick. If you do plan on using heavier makeup, you’re better off with makeup remover wipes. For lighter makeup, baby wipes can work just fine.

The cleansing powers may vary by the brand though, with some baby wipes offering deeper cleansing compared to others. The same goes for makeup remover wipes, so be wary with the ingredient list and cleansing power it claims to have.

Young woman removing her makeup

4. Safety and Fragrance

Both baby wipes and makeup remover wipes are safe for the skin. Makeup remover wipes are known to be noncomedogenic, while baby wipes don’t contain any oils that may cause breakouts directly. Plus, they are made for sensitive baby skin, making them safe to use for your face.

As for fragrance, you may have noticed baby wipes smell a bit like baby lotion. It’s not a bad thing and can be beneficial for a better smelling face. However, there are unscented varieties if you don’t like the scent or chemicals that come with it.

Generally, makeup remover wipes are unscented so there’s no worry about the fragrance.

5. Cost and Value

We all know that baby wipes are way cheaper compared to makeup remover wipes. This is because of the ingredients and material quality of the sheets.

The average cost per baby wipe is up to six cents each, while makeup remover wipes cost 33 cents each, which is a huge difference.

However, it can take a few sheets of baby wipes to completely remove your makeup, depending on how much of it you use and the quality. This may end up with you wasting an equal amount or more money on baby wipes. Furthermore, it’s not economical using up a lot of sheets!

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Which Is Better?

After seeing all the differences, there is no better wipe for everyone. It all depends on how you use it!

If you want to save a bit and use only light makeup, you can use baby wipes. These work just fine and you will save some money since it won’t take as many sheets to cleanse your face.

But if you need a deeper cleanser for heavier makeup, you’ll need makeup remover wipes. These are made with stronger ingredients that are still safe for your skin, only taking one or two sheets to completely remove makeup of any type.

Are you still wondering what else is there to know about baby wipes and makeup remover wipes? This informative video can help you further:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to using baby wipes or makeup remover wipes, there isn’t much of a difference. You can use one over the other, it all depends on your skin type, preference, and your budget. As long as you select the right brand of wipes made for your skin type, you can effectively remove makeup with either wipe type.

I hope that this comparison of baby wipes vs makeup remover wipes helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and start investing in the right wipes for your skin.

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