waterproof mascara vs regular mascara

Waterproof mascara vs regular mascara: What’s better to use for your lashes? This all depends on you and where you’ll use it, though there are other factors to consider.

I won’t only show you what you need to look into when choosing your mascara type, but its pros and cons.

Waterproof Mascara vs Regular Mascara

I’ll be comparing waterproof mascara vs regular mascara through what they can offer and their risks:

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is an awesome option if you get watery eyes naturally or live in a hot climate. They are made with ingredients that make it less likely to melt compared to other mascaras. They also have a strong holding mixture, which helps keep your lashes curled, preventing it from doing down or straightening out.

However, its strong formula infilled with chemicals, which increases the risk of your lashes getting dry and brittle. Waterproof mascara is also difficult to remove, with people rubbing it out, damaging their eyes and lashes. It’s not the best to use every day, especially when you have sensitive eyelashes.

Regular Mascara

Regular mascara is lighter and softer on the lashes, you can remove it easily using just warm water. It doesn’t have that strong hold like waterproof mascara, but it’s less drying and more comfortable on the lashes. However, there’s a high possibility of it running down if you run under the rain, go swimming, or cry.

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Factors to Consider

Besides their pros and cons, here are factors about your preference and lifestyle you should consider:

Do You Workout?

How many times do you wash your face and do you work out every day? Does your workout consist of swimming?

If ever you wash your face a lot and participate in workouts or other sports, then you should consider getting makeup you can easily remove then reapply after workouts. However, you can also invest in durable and waterproof mascara to wear throughout your workouts!

Where Do You Live?

If you live in hot climates and tend to sweat a LOT, then you’ll need waterproof or clear mascara. This prevents it from form running off if you start sweating or if the heat gets too much. Regular mascara might be risky, as it leads to makeup meltdowns!

Your Lashes’ Thickness

For eyelashes that are thin, fine, and/or fragile, avoid waterproof mascaras because of its drying effects. Instead, go for hydrating mascara to keep your lashes healthy. If you NEED waterproof mascara, then use a mild yet effective cleanser to avoid scrubbing your eyes.

Do You Wear Contacts?

For those who wear contacts, you need to invest in mascara that’s suitable for contact lenses wearers. I also recommend that you choose water-resistant mascara to prevent smudging when you have to remove your lens. It will also be able to withstand eyedrops when needed.

Wrapping It Up

I hope my list on waterproof mascara vs regular mascara gave you an idea of what to use. So begin studying more on what makeup you should invest in now!

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