how often can you dye your hair without damaging it

One of the best ways you can revamp your look is to dye your hair a whole new color! After all, a new hairstyle means you’re ready for a whole new change. And with the different hair color trends, it can get difficult trying to figure out which one’s the best to try.

Because of the limitless options, you may be wondering, “how often can you dye your hair without damaging it?” After all, dyeing your hair involves using bleach and other chemicals, which can harm your hair when using too much of it.

So check out what to consider to see how many times you can actually dye your hair, as this depends on individual factors!

How Often Can You Dye Your Hair Without Damaging It?

Coloring your hair too often may end up damaging your hair, causing breakage, split ends, and brittle strands. That’s why it’s important to space out your color treatments and to avoid overdoing it.

Generally speaking, I recommend that you wait between 4-6 weeks before dyeing your hair again. Furthermore, it might be best to allow your hair to grow out before dyeing it again.

But there are also individual factors you should consider. So before you begin planning to dye your hair multiple times, think of these aspects:

1. What’s Your Hair Type?

The frequency of color treatments depends on your natural hair type, its starting color, as well as the shade you plan to change to. Does your hair grow quicker than the typical half-inch a month? Then you may be able to get away with more color treatments.

Furthermore, think about the starting color. For those with black or brown hair that want to change to a blonde shade, you’ll probably be damaging your hair strands more compared to changing your hair about one or two shades away from the starting color. If you are using bleach to color your hair for a lighter shade, it’s best to space out your next color treatment to a later time.

For those who have virgin hair, you may be able to have more frequent dyeing sessions since your hair strands don’t have prior damage.

2. Damage to Your Hair

Speaking of damaged hair, think about the amount of hair damage you currently have, particularly those who have already colored their hair before. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to further damage your hair strands!

Like virgin hair, if your hair went through only minimal damage, you can dye it more frequently. For damaged hair, it’s best to avoid dyeing your hair strands even more.

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3. The Hair Products You Use

Lastly, look into the type of hair dye you will use.

For those using hair bleach or permanent dyes, wait at least 2 weeks between coloring sessions, especially since bleaching can cause damage, wear, and tear to the strands. Avoid applying too much bleach for hair health. Preferably, it’s best to wait for at least 6 weeks to give your hair time to rest.

If you use permanent hair dye, wait until the roots grow out and have a root touch-up if you only want a refresh to maintain your current hair color. You can wait for at least two weeks, since they require regular treatments, as it fades faster, and they would be gentler on hair, containing no alcohol or ammonia.

For semi-permanent hair dye, you can change it after your hair color fades, which is usually after 4-10 shampoo washes.

If you want to avoid hair damage while still changing your hair color more, you may want to try using healthier alternatives, such as hair chalks, crayons, powders, or sticks. Henna and semi-permanent hair rinses may also be better options if you want to change your hair color regularly.

Because you may have individual hair strand health and preferences, you may want to head to a professional to help gauge your hair strands’ health and determine when to have another color treatment.

Do you want to learn more about dyeing your hair healthily? Here is an informative video you should check out:

Wrapping It Up

While it may be fun to dye your hair multiple times, it’s best to have a limit to how many times you dye your hair and to space out hair dyeing sessions to let your hair rest. That way, you lessen the damage done to your hair and still get a new hairstyle when you fancy!

I hope that this article answered your question, “how often can you dye your hair without damaging it? Now that you’re familiar with the answer, do make sure that you treat your hair right and avoid dyeing it too many times to prevent damage.

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