is placenta good for your hair

Could it be true? Placenta is a new hair product?

Before you go ahead and buy this substance to use on your hair, think about it – is placenta good for your hair? Or is it just another one of those style fads to watch out for?

It may sound quite odd how placenta has been linked with hair health, so we uncover the truth behind this claim in this post. We will share with you relevant studies on placenta, what it contains, and what it really does to your hair – so you can decide for yourself if it works for you or not.

Facts about the Human Hair Growth and Cycle

At birth, the average human has at least 5 million hair follicles. But new follicles grow slowly, and it varies from one person to another.

These follicles that produce your hair shafts go through cycles. Among these are:

  • Anagen or the growing phase
  • Catagen or the transitional phase
  • Telogen or the resting phase

The cycle happens over the entire lifetime of a person. However, the speed in which these phases occur depend on a number of factors such as an individual’s age, health condition, and genetics.

Hair Loss and Its Causes

Shocked woman discover how much hair lossIf you notice your hair shedding a few strands each day, do not be alarmed – it is actually normal.

In fact, you will lose about a hundred strands a day. And yes, these will grow back eventually.

But then for some people who suffer from hair loss – and we are talking about more than the normal shedding – this could be a very concerning situation.

Alopecia or hair loss occurs because of various issues. In most cases, this is the result of genetic and hormonal factors. But there are other causes of alopecia including medications, psychological and physiological stress, as well as autoimmune disease. All of these factors impact the growth cycle of your hair follicles.

Androgenic alopecia or AA is common among men. The typical symptoms are visible loss and thinning of the frontal hair. Those who suffer from this condition require a special treatment that involves extending the anagen phase to stimulate hair growth.

Cow Placenta Extract for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth

There have been studies made on the use of placenta to help hair grow back.

For instance, researchers have conducted experiments to show the efficacy of cow placenta extract for hair growth. According to this study, this placenta extract helps elongate the hair shaft and increase the number of hair follicles with continued use.

This scientific experiment was conducted on depilated mice. A combination of substances such as cow placenta extract, minoxidil, and water were applied on the back portion of the case subject. After some time, researchers have discovered that there were new cells growing in the hair sheath, along with an expression of growth factors that promote hair growth.

At the end of the study, these researchers have come to a conclusion that placenta extract helped speed up hair growth and cell division by increasing the protein level and insulin growth factor that improve hair length and hair follicle size.

It is worth noting, though, that the placenta extract is not quite purified. This is why it is not as effective for hair regrowth than minoxidil. The latter is also FDA-approved for male pattern baldness treatment, which is why placenta has not gained popularity yet as a hair loss treatment.

Once this material has undergone some refinement, it is likely to become a potential hair loss medicine as observed in the results in laboratory experiments.

Key Facts on Hominis Placenta

In China and Korea, the use of Hominis Placenta has been noted as a support to one’s well-being. It has been a therapeutic substance beginning the 1950s as it stimulates liver regeneration and control of the endocrine system. Hominis Placenta has also been used as a means of alleviating symptoms linked with liver diseases.

This placenta extract naturally contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also helps the nerve health and wound healing, which is why it was assumed to help the cycle of hair growth, as well.

In a clinical study, it aims to determine the effects on hair growth with the use of placenta extract. This was a different study done with cow placenta but with the same intention – to prove whether it will work on hair growth or not.

Based on this experiment, it was observed that cell proliferation improved, which makes Hominis Placenta a viable support for hair loss and hair growth.

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The Effects Can Take Some Time

The thought of massaging your hair strands and scalp with placenta extract does not sound quite appealing, does it?

But with these studies conducted on how it does help soften and strengthen the hair, its popularity has been increasing over the years. This also prompted researchers to conduct studies and to prove if this is a fact or nothing but a myth or old wives’ tale.

What is certain is that placenta extract is a great source of hormones and growth factors, which is why the assumption that it could help hair growth arose in the minds of people. These growth factors are designed to minimize hair shedding and boost the growth of hair follicles. It is all because of the substance’s capability to enhance the formation of blood vessel and blood flow to your hair follicles.

However, it is important to understand that the results do not happen overnight.

Leave-in placenta extracts in hair products do not take immediate effects. You will need to apply it correctly twice a day for a period of six months or so before you can observe noticeable results.

Another thing to take note of before using placenta extract for hair growth is the risk. Products that contain placenta are loaded with hormones, which could lead to premature sexual development in humans. These can also result in a risk of breast cancer or uterine cancer, so it is best to use this product under the supervision of a professional.

Meanwhile, you can always use an FDA-approved substance called minoxidil found in topical hair products to help with baldness or hair thinning. This has been proven to alleviate hair loss symptoms while animal placenta still require further studies and experiments to conclude their safety and efficacy.

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