how to disinfect mascara after pink eye

Having pink eye, or any eye infection really, is a serious matter that needs to be treated ASAP. Not only will you need antibiotics or remedies your doctor recommends, but to stop using and/or clean products that triggered the infection in the first place. This may be your eye makeup, particularly your brushes and mascara.

But how can you disinfect it properly to ensure it doesn’t happen again? Read on as I show you how to disinfect mascara after pink eye!

How to Disinfect Mascara After Pink Eye

For those who have had pink eye for a while now, you wouldn’t want to use germy eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara. I recommend that you throw eye makeup away, as the bacteria can hide in certain products, which can cause infections.

But there is a way to salvage your mascara and eye makeup with the proper process. Pink eye bacteria can live on makeup for about two days at most, typically lasting for less than eight hours. That’s why you can still sanitize and disinfect products to avoid it going to waste.

Take note though, you have to replace your mascara if you continuously share it with others, or if it’s old. It’s still best to use relatively fresh mascara and makeup products to prevent infections.

Follow any of these three effective methods:

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

This is the basic and an easy way to sanitize your mascara products to kill off bacteria that cause pink eye:

Step 1: Apply rubbing alcohol (with 70%) to a paper towel. I recommend using a sheet from kitchen rolls, as they are stronger even if it’s saturated, withstanding the swiping of your spool.

I don’t recommend using bathroom tissues as the fibers loosen when wet and cling to the mascara and its want. Also, your alcohol should be 70% alcohol, avoid going for 90-99% content, as it doesn’t change its antibacterial properties.

Step 2: Swipe your mascara wand using the paper towel with alcohol, then allow it to dry for two minutes. Once dry, you can place it in your mascara tube. This will minimize the spread of various eye infections, particularly pink eye, especially when you share mascara.

Step 3: Make sure that you repeat this process after each time you use mascara.


white vinegar

This is a great way to clean all your brushes besides your mascara brush. Vinegar contains antiseptic properties to kill bacteria, a natural disinfectant.

Step 1: Fill a clean and empty spray bottle with white vinegar. Tap the handles of your mascara brush gently on a surface, knocking out loose debris from dried mascara.

Step 2: Spray the brush with vinegar until soaked. Set it aside to dry and do NOT use it while wet.

Antiseptic Wipes

Quality wet wipes are also a great choice and a quick fix rather than spraying vinegar or alcohol solutions.

Step 1: Remove one antiseptic wipe and unfold it. Wipe off your mascara brush’s bristles with the wipe. Do NOT grab any bristles or pull it off, since this can cause it to fall out.

Step 2: Dispose the antiseptic wipe properly and leave your brush to dry for about 12 hours before you can use it again.

Avoid using wet mascara brushes (whether from alcohol, vinegar, or antiseptic wipes), as this can cause it to get into the eyes, burning them.

If ever you continue experiencing pink eye or other infections, it’s best to replace the mascara or brush altogether. Either the ingredients in the mascara or the wand/brush is the main culprit!

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Do you want to learn more about disinfecting your mascara and makeup products? Here’s an informative video in maintaining your makeup properly:

Wrapping It Up

Pink eye, as well as many other infections, can be caused by the makeup you use. That’s why you need to disinfect your makeup products well to ensure your skin is healthy and free from serious conditions. Fortunately, disinfecting isn’t difficult and would only take a few minutes!

I hope that my article on how to disinfect mascara after pink eye helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and start cleaning out your makeup to prevent infections again.

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