does wearing shapewear help lose weight

A lot of ladies out there aspire to have a flat stomach and still maintain a curvy figure. That’s why they turn to shapewear to help with their measurements and weight. But does shapewear help lose weight?

While shapewear has a lot of benefits to offer, it, unfortunately, does not significantly affect your weight loss journey. So what exactly does it do? Read on as I show you what shapewear does for your body.

Does Wearing Shapewear Help Lose Weight?

Shapewear is a compression garment, which works to push fat in and compresses the entire stomach area. By doing so, it can reduce inches from your waist and stomach. However, this is only a temporary solution, as it only shapes your body while wearing it.

Furthermore, it won’t work miracles and make ALL body types flat. If you have a lot of fat around the stomach, your stomach can look smaller when wearing shapewear but won’t necessarily appear flat. Note that even the tightest shapewear can only make you look smaller as if you were sucking in the stomach.

With that said, we can conclude that shapewear does NOT help in weight loss at all. While brands sell compression garments that are advertised to help lose weight, they only help burn a few more calories but not excessive enough to trigger weight loss.

These compression garments are said to help with weight loss because it causes one area to sweat and also massages the area. This increases circulation, thus improving weight loss. It sounds too idea, as the circulation only helps so much, and over-sweating can lead to dehydration.

Should You Still Wear Shapewear?

Now that you know shapewear only helps with waist measurements temporarily, should you still consider wearing it? I still suggest you do if you’d like to look smaller for events, which can boost your confidence. However if your main intent of purchasing shapewear is for weight loss, then I recommend following a healthy diet and exercise.

How can shapewear help you out with your weight loss, though? It does offer some benefits, such as:

1. Confidence and Motivation

A lot of women love wearing shapewear to feel confident with their bodies. After all, who doesn’t love that curve and flatter stomach? This can have them feel more beautiful with what they wear, carrying themselves better, which helps in their mental health.

Shapewear can also inspire you to stay healthy and reach your weight loss goals. You have the vision of the body you want, motivating you to keep going until you reach your dream body without having to wear shapewear anymore.

2. Wear Anytime and Look Curvy

While you are still on your weight loss journey, you may have some important events you want to look slimmer in. Shapewear can hug your body and contour it to look more proportionally shaped, giving you a slender and healthier look.

You can use shapewear anytime and anywhere, may it be in the gym or parties so long as you wear clothing that covers it. It may help burn a tiny bit more calories because of the increased heat if you use it while working out. As long as you don’t use it for too long or tighten it too much, you can look great wherever you go.

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3. Better Option Compared to Surgery

Some people opt to go straight to surgery to shed the pounds, though it has more risks compared to shapewear. Not only that, but it’s a more expensive option without the same effects as “real” weight loss.

Shapewear is a more affordable option to look great as you lose weight naturally. It’s a healthier option as well, so long as you pair it with a healthy diet and exercise.

All this in mind, be sure to choose the right shapewear for you. Remember, wearing too tight of shapewear can be dangerous and risky. It can slow down the circulation in the area, which can cause blood clots, swelling, and may damage muscles if too tight and worn too long.

Select shapewear with the right compression, fitting snugly to your body without it digging to your skin to the point you feel pain. You can learn more about shapewear and selecting a good one in this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

While shapewear does not lead to weight loss, it can provide good benefits while doing so. They aren’t an absolute necessity, but a great choice if you want to shape your body while you’re out, making you feel more confident without the surgery.

I hope that my article answered your question, “does wearing shapewear help lose weight? Now that you know the answer, start looking into other alternatives to weight loss while wearing the appropriate shapewear.

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