do hot rollers damage your hair

Before you pick up that handy hot roller to save you on a bad hair day, wait up…

It’s not as harmless as you think.

Many women who ask, “Do hot rollers damage your hair?” need to get the answer straight. And they better act fast.

Because if you’re one of those who rely on this styling tool to glam yourself up, it’s about time you put this thing down and be kinder to your hair. It’s not doing your tresses any good at all.

Think about it: Would you dare touch with your bare skin that scorching hot roller? Of course not!

So why would you expose your delicate hair to this abuse?

We are only scratching the surface but there is more you need to know about the nasty things hot rollers do to your hair.

If you are still not convinced that it is not a good idea to use on your hair, keep reading because we have plenty of surprising and concerning revelations on what really happens to your mane when you use hot rollers for styling.

Let’s go ahead and dig in.

The Honest Truth about Hot Rollers

Your mother used to tell you to protect your skin from the harsh heat of the sun by using sunscreen or staying in the shade.

It is a no-brainer that excessive heat causes damage to the skin and hair. Your skin dries up and your hair feels brittle after hours of exposure in the sun.

Some people blame vitamin deficiencies and even chemicals for dry and brittle hair, and yes, there is some truth in that. But if you are using chemical-free shampoo, and you take your multivitamins every day, yet your hair is still dry and perhaps even shedding…

There has to be another reason for it.

You need to take a look at the things you do to your hair that can be contributing to this problem. For instance, using hot rollers frequently is a culprit. It is much worse than staying out on a blazing hot sunny day.


Because you are directly applying heat to your hair for a few minutes. We are talking about an extremely hot material working through every strand of your hair. No wonder it dries up, breaks, and falls!

This is why if you see in the package that this heated device protects your hair, you should be wary. How can something that heats up your hair make it healthier, shinier, and better?

It simply does not make sense. This is nothing but false advertising.

The truth is that each time your hair is exposed to direct heat constantly and repeatedly such as with the use of hot rollers at the highest setting, this breaks down and tears the hair shaft. What’s worse is that it destroys the hair cuticle.

No amount of care is evident at all in that but it is just constant and deliberate burning of your hair. This is the fundamental fact in how hot rollers work, which makes its long term use rather frightening for your hair and scalp.

How Hot Rollers Damage the Hair

Your hair needs nutrients, moisture, and gentle scalp massages to thrive.

The last thing it ever needs is heat. And a whole lot of it.

What heat does is it evaporates moisture and leaves the surface dry. When this happens to your hair and moisture is lost, your hair follicles start to crack and tear. So you can only imagine what happens with the constant use of hot rollers…

Even wet hair becomes brittle as the heat dries up the moisture. And fast.

Human hair contains hydrogen bonds and proteins. These are necessary for their growth and vitality. But when you use heat-based tools including hot rollers, flat irons, and the like, these strips your hair of its oils and natural proteins. As a result, this breaks down the hydrogen bonds.

While the outcome is a sleeker, straighter, and more stylish hair, your tresses become prone to breakage and damage.

Another thing that hot rollers do is twist your roots too tightly. The curling action puts so much tension and stress on the roots of your hair, which leads to premature hair loss. It is just as damaging to your hair as the intense heat emitted by the rollers.

In many cases of women who use hot rollers daily, they end up developing traction alopecia and even permanent hair loss. The latter is the outcome of hair follicles becoming severely damaged.

Before these problems occur, however, there are signs you should watch out for. These signs include:

  • Thinning hair
  • Frizzes
  • Sore scalp
  • Minor burns

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to act fast. These are signs telling you to stop using your hair rollers because your scalp and hair are practically screaming for your help. The heat is just too much for your hair to handle, and it is a matter of choosing what is best for your tresses.

Happy woman wear hair curlers on head.
Happy woman wear hair curlers on head.

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What You Can Do to Minimize the Problem

Nobody wants to end up bald or with burnt areas on their scalp.

So what can you do to style your hair and avoid using hot rollers once and for all?

A practical move is to look for styling tools that are less damaging. Those that have smooth exteriors such as rubber, Teflon coating, and plastic are decent options. You should also stick to a lower heat setting instead of turning it all the way up. Stylists, for instance, keep it on medium heat and avoid doing several passes on your hair.

If you use hot styling tools a few times a week, be sure to use heat protection on your hair. Leave-in conditioner can coat your hair shaft and minimize the damages caused by heat. Using deep conditioning hair treatment also helps to moisturize your tresses.

The main objective is to provide more moisture to your hair if it tends to get too dry because of these styling products.

By applying these techniques, you can still have gorgeous, styled hair while keeping it healthy, shiny and full.

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