can aloe vera be left in hair

Aloe vera is a plant with thick leaves that produce a gel-like substance inside them. You can find them used and grown worldwide, with people growing the plants in their own homes.

You’ve probably heard about the wonders of aloe vera and how you can use it for your body to treat various conditions, thanks to its healing properties. This is because it’s cooling and soothing as you apply it to the skin, which can help with burns and skin wounds.

Besides this, it may have more benefits than just for your skin, but your hair and scalp, too! People have questioned, “can aloe vera be left in hair?”, since it’s been suggested that aloe vera can help with the health and appearance of your hair and scalp.

Before you do leave aloe vera in your hair, it’s best to know that it’s safe to do so. So read on to find out the real answers!

Can Aloe Vera Be Left in Hair?

The short answer is YES, you can leave aloe vera on your hair! This is a completely safe and natural ingredient, which you can use on its own and still reap good benefits without harmful chemicals. It’s easy and straightforward to apply, without needing a huge budget, which is why many people opt to invest in aloe vera.

The only time there may be an adverse effect is if you leave it for too long, apply too much, or if you are allergic to aloe vera. It’s best to apply only a small amount of it, especially when using the gel on its own, as it may form a film on your hair, particularly those who have very fine and/or dry hair, as it may create a crunchy texture. This may feel uncomfortable and have your hair look weird if you use it before leaving the house!

However, many people report aloe vera as a leave-in conditioner as a great way to keep your hair looking and feeling soft throughout the day or when they wake up in the morning.

Besides this, when using aloe vera as a leave-in conditioner, it may be able to offer the following benefits:

  • It can calm the itchy scalp or reduce dandruff, which is flaking skin. A study showed that aloe vera helped resolve scalp inflammation dandruff causes and that the fatty acids from the aloe vera plant have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Aloe vera can cleanse your hair shaft well, stripping off extra sebum, or oil, as well as residue from hair products you may be using. However, it won’t hurt hair strands while cleaning your hair, feeling gentle, and preserving your hair’s integrity. It helps keep your hair looking healthier, softer, and shinier.
  • Because aloe vera has vitamins A, C, and E, these help with cell turnover, which can promote healthier cell growth and shinier hair. It also has vitamin B12 and folic acid, which prevents hair from falling out. BUT there aren’t studies confirming that it can prevent hair loss.
  • Many people claim that aloe vera causes their hair to grow quicker, but just like preventing hair loss, there is little clinical evidence that can prove such claims.
  • Furthermore, since aloe vera is used after sun exposure with its cooling properties and high collagen content, it may help repair any sun damage to hair as well.

If you don’t want to use aloe vera as a leave-in conditioner, that’s fine, too! You can leave it on your head for a few minutes before washing it off completely rather than overnight or an entire day. You can still reap similar benefits.

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Using Aloe Vera as Leave-In Conditioner

Now that you know that it’s possible to leave aloe vera in your hair, the question is: How? Fortunately, it’s pretty simple!

All you need to do is to either harvest aloe vera gel from your plant or purchase it from any drugstore. Apply the raw aloe vera around your head from the scalp to your hair tips, running your fingers along with it. You can simply leave it in and wash it before bed!

If you don’t like the smell (or the fact that it’s odorless), as well as the thick consistency, you can mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel with 2 tablespoons of water, then add a few drops of your favored essential oils. Put it in a spray bottle and shake well to ensure it’s mixed uniformly. You can then use the gel instead of your typical hairspray after you take a shower, then wash it before bed.

You can also leave aloe vera gel on your hair overnight. Just don’t leave it for days, as it may have an adverse effect. 6 hours or overnight is the most you can do before washing it off properly.

If you’re just beginning to use aloe vera, then I recommend that you apply a small amount first to see how your hair and scalp responds to it first.

Do you want to know more about the wonders of using aloe vera and using it as a leave-in conditioner? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Aloe vera has various benefits for your hair and scalp, and though it requires more research, many people have reported positive effects of using this natural ingredient. Just like how it’s safe to use around your body, it is also safe to leave aloe vera in your hair, though make sure you only use the recommended amount and that you wash it off afterward. That way, you can reap the many benefits it can offer!

I hope that this article answered your question, “can aloe vera be left in hair?” Now that you’re familiar with the answer, look into what else you can do with aloe vera and how it can benefit you! Good luck and stay healthy.

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