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A busy day in a beauty salon is a status quo for many beauticians. Sometimes, you do not even notice how fast the time flies, and it is already pretty late before you know it. If you manage to take care of everything for the day, you can go home without worrying. On the other hand, some beauticians might find themselves working overtime because they struggle with time management. 

For some, it is the sheer amount of chaos they cannot manage, whereas others have too much on their plate, are getting overworked, or get easily distracted.

This article will give you some ideas on how to become better at managing time as a beautician, and, hopefully, it will translate to better work experience.

Booking Automation

Cutting or automating some processes is an excellent way to save some time. For example, beauticians could consider using Watalook, a mobile app that can automate booking appointments.

Using the tool, beauticians can create personal pages and share the link with clients, booking an appointment hassle-free. Such automation means fewer phone calls and clients coming to the salon in person to schedule an appointment.

Lack of Procrastination

Working can be tedious or intensive at times, meaning that you are likely to look for opportunities to procrastinate. You probably have a smartphone, and that is one of the most common distractions to have. Checking on social media or texting someone while you should be working happens often, and not just among beauticians.

lack of procrastination

The bottom line is that you should cut sources of procrastination and focus on your work. With the smartphone example, you might put the device away from your reach while working, though it might be difficult if you receive calls or texts related to work. If so, you could get a simple flip phone meant only for calling and texting for work.

Interruption Management

Interruptions might not be that common in a beauty salon, but they can still happen. For example, a customer might come in unannounced and spend too much time talking while booking an appointment. It is necessary to react to such an occurrence in a timely fashion and get on with securing their position so they can leave.

Running out of products to use is another thing that might disrupt the workflow. To avoid that, prepare in advance and check if everything is in place to prevent panicking so that you do not have to waste time looking for hair gel, dyes, or other things to continue with your work.

Task Sharing

The workload can be too much to handle with the current number of employees that a salon has. If that happens, the obvious solution is to seek an extra pair of helping hands.

Even if you cannot offer a full-time position, a part-timer or two is still of great use so long as they do their fair share of work and leave more breathing room to full-time employees.

Another thing to note is how someone might be in charge of multiple items at the same time. For instance, one of the regular beauticians might also be working as an account because they are good with numbers. 

If accounting takes a lot of time and gets in the way of other work, why not look for a freelance accountant who could come in when necessary and take care of the salon’s fiscal matters? 

Regular Breaks

A proper work schedule and task sharing leave more time for breaks. Intense work requires a breather now and then. If you overwork yourself, the strain will take its toll eventually and slow you down. After that happens, managing time will become even more complex.

Of course, you should not abuse the available downtime and prolong your breaks more than necessary because it will come back to bite you. Instead, create a proper schedule and know when you can relax and when you should be working.

No More Multitasking

Some say that multitasking is a great trait, but there have been multiple studies to suggest otherwise

The idea might seem counterintuitive, but multitasking can be the source of losing time rather than saving it. Imagine working on accounting and counting numbers while you are on the phone with a client. The odds of making a small mistake only to have it snowball out of control later means having to go back and do the numbers from scratch again.

Sure, there are cases when you have no choice but to multitask, but it is better to avoid having this habit as a rule of thumb.

Track of Time

keeping track of time

The last bit of advice might seem trivial, but it can come in quite handy. Some beauticians might lose track of time and forget to pay attention to the clock. If you do not have a wall clock, get one. A wristwatch is also an option, though it might get in the way of your work. 

Final Words

Time management seems unrelated to beauticians, but it’s crucial for all of us. Having your time managed proved to be the ultimate way for a quality life. Do you enjoy reading this article? Let me know how you feel in the comment section below! Thanks for visiting Be Youngaholic!

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