Why Pimples Disappear After Marriage

There are a lot of myths associated with acne and breakouts, with one of them being, “pimples will disappear right after marriage!” While many people claim this to be true, does this really always happen and is there an explanation for it?

Read on as I explain why pimples disappear after marriage and if this is actually a fact.

Why Pimples Disappear After Marriage

Let me debunk this myth: Pimples do NOT disappear after marriage for some, if not most, couples. Just because you get married does not automatically mean your pimples suddenly disappear.

However, for those who have reported they had clearer and healthier skin after marriage, there are some scientific explanations.

1. Your Age

As you enter adulthood, acne begins to go away. Usually, it slowly disappears on its own after puberty. However, other people may still suffer from adult acne, which also goes away on its own once they hit their 30s, typically the age couples choose to get married.

There are still other factors to consider beyond age though, such as genetics, their lifestyle, and the like.

2. Less Stress

Did you know that stress is a huge factor in why you have pimples and breakouts? This is because of all the hormonal changes you go through during distressing times. It can happen from work, home, or other sudden situations that cause negative emotions more than stress, such as distress, depression, and the like.

When you get married, you’re in cloud nine, when you feel happy uniting with the love of your life. The stress lessens during this time, especially during the honeymoon phase. It’s why newlyweds glow for the first year or so of their marriage, as they feel less stress and more love with one another.

couple relaxing on the caribbean beach
The couple is experiencing their honeymoon on the Caribbean beach.

3. Regular Sex

Speaking of love, you’re bound to engage in more sexual activities after marriage. This can also be the reason why your pimples begin to disappear. Did you know that sex has an abundance of health benefits, including those that affect your skin and hormones?

This is because sex increases the blood circulation, which would help pump oxygen to your skin, making it brighter. Furthermore, it hydrates your skin from better circulation, lessening dryness and its proneness to breakouts.

Furthermore, sex can boost your confidence and happy hormones, which helps your hormone production and has you glow further. And did you know that taking oral contraceptive pills are known to help fight off hormonal acne? This is because it helps improve your hormonal balance!

4. Psychological Reasons

Self-esteem and happier thoughts play a huge role in giving you that glow. When you feel more confident and happier in yourself, which you usually do during and after marriage, then the more your skin glows. The positive energy balances out your hormones, thus preventing breakouts!

5. The Skin Products You Use

Even before the marriage ceremony, you were most likely preparing to look amazing walking down the aisle. It’s got you to begin a strict skincare and weight loss routine, with you eating better, exercising more, and using quality skin care products.

Because of these changes to feel more confident during the wedding and spending your life with your spouse, it’s given your skin the nutrition it needs to lessen breakouts. You may have begun devoting more time to look great for yourself and the spouse, which in turn, keeps pimples at bay.

Besides this, there may be other factors to look into. But these factors don’t just make the skin better, it may also cause the breakouts. That’s why your skin does not clear out based on a marriage, but what you do with your skin before, during, and after that beautiful ceremony.

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If you want to learn more about why you may have pimples or why they disappear suddenly, check out this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

There is no scientific evidence that proves pimples disappear after marriage. However, some reasons can back up why they disappear at certain times like these. While you don’t need to get married to reduce your pimples, there are ways on how to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Hopefully, this article explains why pimples disappear after marriage for some couples. Start following the right tips and skincare products to solve your breakouts now!

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