why does my hair grow slow

One of the main parts of our bodies that people care for is the hair. And if you notice that it begins to grow even slower than usual, not to worry! There are reasons why it happens and most times, it’s treatable and revolves around making healthier lifestyle changes.

So are you wondering, “why does my hair grow slow?” I’ll be sharing with you the top five reasons why and what you can do about it!

Why Does My Hair Grow Slow?

There are several reasons why your hair growth has changed and slowed down. Here are five common causes and its solutions:

1. Vitamin Deficiency

Poor diets can lead to slow hair growth because you aren’t ingesting enough vitamins! Make sure that you take multivitamins and consume whole foods that are high on the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin A, D, and E
  • Fatty acids
  • Iron, zinc, and folic acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Protein and biotin

2. Side Effect From Certain Medications

If you’re taking medication for certain conditions, it can cause slow hair growth. It can happen when taking medications such as acne treatments, antibiotics, birth control pills, muscle mass supplements, and others. So if you noticed your hair grow slower after taking such medications, talk with your doctor about it to maybe have your prescriptions changed.

3. Use of Hair-Styling Products and Processes

If you use a lot of styling products and heating processes on your hair, chances are that it negatively affects its growth. This is because such heating tools and styling products dry the natural oils of your hair, killing moisture that results in slow hair growth.

Start applying less heat and chemicals to your hair and use gentle hair products instead!

4. Hormonal Imbalances or Sicknesses

Hormone problems such as PCOS or thyroid disease can cause hair loss and slow hair growth. Alopecia, a common hair condition, can also cause slow hair growth besides hair loss and thinning.

Other diseases can also affect hair growth due to stress from the illness. Hair follicles would go to their resting phase, resulting in hair growth ceasing temporarily.

Make sure that you have yourself checked by the doctor regularly and follow any medications and treatments prescribed to lessen the symptoms.

5. It’s All In The Genes!

There are three stages of the hair cell life cycle, which are:

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

Once the cycle is complete, that’s when new hair strands begin to form. The length of the life cycle is determined naturally through genetics, so some have longer hair growth cycles than others. If your family has a history of slow hair growth, you may have inherited their genes.

Wrapping It Up

Has your hair begun to grow slower than usual? Evaluating the reasons why can help you find the solution to optimum hair health! That’s why I hope this article answered your question, “why does my hair grow slow?”

Do you have any queries or want to share your solutions to slow hair growth? Share them in the comment section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!

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