why do i get pimples on my inner thighs

Have you experienced getting pimples, blackheads, or boils around your inner thighs? I know how irritating (and slightly uncomfortable) this is, which takes a toll on one’s confidence! That’s why I decided to research the causes of pimples around the inner thighs and any remedies that can be done. So if you’re wondering, “why do I get pimples on my inner thigh?” check out the information I collected to find the root cause so you know what the remedy is.

Why Do I Get Pimples on My Inner Thighs?

Both men and women experience thigh pimples, which are raised bumps on the inner thighs. There are various reasons why, which include:

#1. Body Acne

This is also called acne mechanica, a common cause of thigh pimples, especially in athletes. The pimples are triggered by excessive heat, friction, pressure, or your skin rubbing.

The skin might feel bumpy or rough, even if you don’t see or feel actual pimples. But they may worsen as your thighs experience friction.

#2. Miliaria

miliaria inner thighs

This is a heat rash that may be the likely cause of temporarily raised lumps on your inner thighs. These are rashes one gets when hot and sweaty. Fortunately, the lumps and uncomfortable feeling would subside quickly once you’re in an area with proper temperature and cool down.

#3. Chafing

skin chafing thighs

Pimples on your thighs aren’t direct symptoms of chafing. However, they are usually present at similar times as chafing. The causes of chafing are also causes of pimples, as they are exacerbated with skin chafing.

Sweat and friction exacerbate chafing, sweat pimples, heat rashes, and infected pimples. That’s why it is no surprise that we can see chafing, rashes, and thigh pimples together.

So the real cause is sweat and friction from tight pants or how you walk.

#4. Boils

Boils look like pimples. They would usually start as small red bumps that hurt or feel itchy. Over the next few days, they tend to swell and fill with bacterial pus, developing whitish-colored tips that would break open, letting pus drain out. The boil might crust over afterward.

Boils are usually caused by bacteria on the skin, which may infect a hair follicle, inflaming the surrounding area. Hair follicles can trap bacteria or oil glands from friction or trauma to the skin. Boils usually appear in the inner thighs as your thighs may tend to rub against each other and get sweaty, particularly during hot and humid weather, encouraging bacteria to grow within hair follicles.

Those who are at risk of boils are usually:

  • Those who have eczema or psoriasis, as might have scratches or sores that are infected.
  • If you have a compromised immune system or conditions like diabetes, which causes you are more likely to develop infections.
  • Working or living with someone who has boils.
  • Obese people are more likely to get boils from their thighs sweating and/or rubbing against each other more.

#5. Blackheads

Blackheads form when the opening of a hair follicle, or pore, becomes plugged with dead skin cells and/or oil. The blockage would cause bumps called comedones. When comedones open, the clogs are oxidized by the air, turning dark and becoming a blackhead or a whitehead if the comedones stay closed.

While blackheads usually form on the face, they may also appear on other body parts, such as your armpits, buttocks, or thighs. Blackhead breakouts are usually due to sweat, oil, dirt, and/or dead skin around the affected area. Furthermore, friction and chafing from wearing tight jeans or leggings are contributing factors.

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*/ Take Note

Fortunately, all of these conditions are usually not life-threatening and treatable. Usually, they would clear up on their own with home remedies and changes. But, if the raised bumps stay to the point of rashes or signs of infection, contact your doctor.

The signs of infections include feeling the warmth from the raised bumps despite going to a more relaxed area or seeing pus oozing out from the bumps. If you have bumps that linger or come back and become more significant and/or painful, or they concern you, it’s best to see a doctor for that as well.

Treating Pimples on Inner Thighs

The treatment for pimples on the inner thighs depends on the cause. Given that pimples most likely occur due to friction, sweating, and wearing tight bottoms, here are a few quick tips to prevent and treat pimples and other blemishes on the inner thighs:

  • Practice proper hygiene, washing your skin using low pH and water-soluble soap.
  • Exfoliate your skin weekly to remove the dead skin cells and dirt.
  • Wear clean and washed clothing.
  • Don’t wear tight-fitting clothing that would rub against the skin.
  • Avoid wearing fabrics that would cause sweating, like polyester or vinyl.
  • If you are an athlete, wear thigh pads to prevent causing friction in the area.
  • Try to avoid perspiring and stay in cool areas.
  • You can treat pimples on the inner thighs using over-the-counter medication or substances like petroleum jelly to treat the chafing and friction.

Do you want to learn more about having boils or pimples on the inner thighs and how to get rid of them?

Wrapping It Up

No one likes dealing with pimples around their inner thighs. Fortunately, it’s treatable as long as you know the root causes. That way, you can find the ultimate remedy and have clear skin in no time. However, if the pimples persist, check it out with your doctor to rule out any conditions causing the pimples and boils.

I hope this article answered your question, “why do I get pimples on my inner thighs?” Now that you know the various causes pinpoint what may be the problem so you can get rid of those darn pimples and boils now!

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