what should rosehip oil smell like

When you hear the name Rosehip oil, you immediately think that it smells like a wonderful flower. However, despite what it’s called, this essential oil has very little in common with its floral relatives, including its scent. But what should Rosehip smell like, and does it have an attractive scent?

You’ll be surprised at its real scent! Read on as I describe to you what Rosehip oil smells like and if it’s okay to use.

What Should Rosehip Oil Smell Like?

Rosehip oil is made from seeds and not its petals.

When made into an oil, you get to reap its many advantages from its natural source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, as well as its vitamin A and C. With all this combined, you can apply it to your skin to reduce pimples and strengthen your skin cells. Besides that, it has even more benefits to help with certain health conditions, such as inflammation and weak connective tissues.

Branch of ripe rose hip in sunlight
Branch of ripe rose hip in sunlight.

The plants Rosehip oil comes from have thorny branches, where bright prink or reddish fruits grow, which are known as the hips. The rose hips are the seeded fruits, forming on branches under the flower.

These look bright and plump and you can dry it, with it looking like dried cranberries. However, rose hips do NOT taste like dried cranberries, nor does it smell like a flower.

The scent of Rosehip oil is actually very earthy, close to dry fall leaves and nature. Others say that it’s similar to herbal teas or loose leaves, with some saying it smells like dry grass or hay. Some even say it smells similar to cold tea or cider!

The smell actually really depends on your senses but overall, it boils down to smelling like a plant.

While it smells earthy, it’s a pleasant kind of natural. You will still enjoy its scent despite it not smelling like a rose. If you’re not a huge fan of the earthy scent, don’t worry! It doesn’t linger and will disappear as it absorbs into your skin.

With that said, you need to watch out for manufacturers that add other oils or odor enhancements. This will alter the entire mixture and have it smell much different!

What Should Rosehip Oil NOT Smell Like?

Now that you know the real Rosehip oil scent, what should it NOT smell like?

It shouldn’t smell TOO strong or linger in your skin for longer than a few minutes. This means it has added ingredients that don’t make the oil 100% genuine.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t smell sour or rancid, similar to old butter or mustard. If ever it does, this means the Rosehip oil is fake or spoiled from time or leaving it out under the sun or in the open air without a protective cap.

If you want to learn more about Rosehip oil and its scents, check this awesome video out:

Wrapping It Up

Rosehip oils are well-known for their antioxidants and the way it can help reduce acne, helping your skin glow and stay clear. While its smell isn’t as amazing as flowers as you would expect, you get to reap amazing results and still enjoy the scent! Just make sure that you check its other properties to ensure it’s safe to use and that it hasn’t gone bad.

I hope that my article helped answer your question, “What should Rosehip oil smell like?” Now that you know the answer, check to see if your oils are good to use for your skin.

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