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    Should I Wear Sunscreen When Indoors?

    Should I Wear Sunscreen When Indoors featured image

    When you think you must only wear sunscreen when you’re heading outside, that’s where you get it all wrong. Yes, sunscreens are working to protect us from the harsh sunlight, but how about the indoor lights? Are we safeguarded inside? Let’s look at why you should wear sunscreen inside your home.

    Reason 1: UV Light Still Reaches the Rooms

    A human body would require at least 30 minutes of sunlight to acquire all the needed vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure gives us irritating skin damages.

    Sunscreen comes into play here because it protects our skin from the longer-lasting impacts of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

    People often want to go out and do their activities with little to no protection against the harsh sunlight linked to them getting sunburn or, even worse, skin-related problems.

    UV lighting matters

    But how about when we are just staying indoors? Are we exposed to UV lights as well?

    Yes, we are still exposed to UV rays. Even though we think that our windows are doing the job of protecting us against the harsh sunlight, the windows are still reflecting the long UV rays, especially UVA rays. Some windows are fit to protect you from the threatening UVA and UVB rays, but some are not.

    UVA rays have a longer wavelength than UVB, and therefore they can still damage the skin even without direct contact.

    To avoid damaging sunlight on the skin, dermatologists agree on wearing sunscreen to prevent them all. Wearing a broad-spectrum SPF grabs the users’ attention, and it provides all of the protection you need, even if you are inside or outside your home.

    Reason 2: The Frequent Use of Gadgets

    Since the lockdown created prevalent internet usage to connect to our daily activities, our skin is already swimming with radiation.

    Of course, prolonged exposure to the internet means being exposed to more radiation from our gadgets like Android smartphones, laptops, and even televisions.

    Should I Wear Sunscreen When Indoors 1

    Aside from the damaging effects that radiation can give to our eyes, like eye strain and dry eyes, our skin is also vulnerable to the radiation.

    Wearing sunscreen does the work of shielding our skin from the sunlight. Still, since it’s usually doing its job of protecting our skin from the harsh rays of light, it is recommended to use it indoors too, so that you can avoid getting unwanted skin damages like wrinkles and skin cancer.

    Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen Indoors

    Wearing sunscreen has many benefits for the users, mainly protecting you from getting the possibility of skin cancer and sunburn.

    Should I Wear Sunscreen When Indoors

    Even if we stay indoors, it is essential to wear sunscreen with full coverage as part of our last skincare routine and act upon harsher rays of light that give a faster skin aging and skin cancer.

    The Verdict: Should You Wear Sunscreen Indoors?

    Yes, even though it seems impractical to keep wearing sunscreen indoors, it keeps our skin from the daunting effects of radiation, be it sunlight or the radiation coming from our gadgets at home.

    Should I Wear Sunscreen When Indoors 4

    But since you are inside your home, it should be fine to reapply sunscreen every two hours. It is because you are not that much exposed to sunlight, unlike getting it directly outside.


    You protect yourself from the harsh sunlight and blue light coming from your gadgets by applying sunscreen indoors. It’s better to prevent than cure more life-threatening damages in your body, and sunscreen should do the trick for you.

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