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Do you feel like your fingernails and toenails could look better? Perhaps they have gotten ridged and brittle or have just recovered from an infection. Whatever the reason, your nails might need some tender love and care. Of course, a manicure and some nail polish could instantly make your nails look prettier. Your manicurist at the nail salon will do a fantastic job at making your nails more stunning. In addition, there are other tips and tricks to improve the appearance of your nails, and these techniques will help your nails to look gorgeous even without any nail polish. Here are some best ways on how to make your nails look prettier:

1. Clip Your Nails Regularly

You should never bite your nails if you want them to look pretty. Instead of biting them when they get too long, you should regularly trim them with a pair of nail clippers. Ideally, it would help cut your nails straight across, with a gentle curve around each corner.

Clip your nail regularly
Clip your nails regularly.

However, please don’t cut them too short, as it could end up damaging your nail bed. Don’t forget to keep your nail clipper clean and sanitize it once in a while.

2. Never Rip Off Your Hangnails

If you habit of biting off or ripping off your hangnails, you should stop doing this as it can tear away the skin surrounding your nails. Even a tiny wound can allow bacteria to infect your nails and cause a lot of ugly damage. When you notice a hangnail, you should trim it immediately with a pair of nail clippers or small scissors made for this purpose. Remember to sanitize any tools you are using to care for your nails to help prevent infections.

3. Be Gentle On Your Cuticles

Unlike hangnails, cuticles are not a nuisance of which you should get rid. Your cuticles protect your nails when they are growing, as well as the delicate skin surrounding them.

If you cut or damage your cuticles, it could cause bacteria to attack and infect your nails. If your cuticles bother you, you should use a cuticle pusher to nudge them down instead of cutting them gently.

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4. Know How To Use A Nail File

Nail files are perfect for whenever you break or scrape one of your nails. You can use a file to buff out a sharp edge to look better at your damaged nail instantly.

Use your nail file properly
Learn to use your nail file properly.

Emery board nail files are probably the best option there is, as they are affordable and effective. Choose one with 180-200 grit to help keep the edges of your nails smooth. As you file your nails, file them with a quick and smooth motion, always from the side to the center. You should never file your nails back and forth, as this motion could cause them to peel and break.

5. Keep Your Nails Well Moisturized

Just like your skin, your nails need to be well moisturized. One easy thing to make your pin prettier is to apply some hand cream whenever you wet your hands and massage some cream onto your nails to help them stay hydrated.

You can also apply cuticle oil to your cuticles each day, or at least a few times per week. This way will nourish your nails so that they can grow healthy and strong.

6. Avoid Nail Products That Contain Acetone

Unfortunately, some of the nail products you use can damage your nails. For example, nail polish remover often contains acetone, which will wear down your nails with frequent use.

A nail polish remover without acetone can remove your nail polish safely. Did you know that rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, and vinegar could be used for that purpose?

7. Improve Your Diet To Get Healthier Nails

Your diet can affect the appearance of your nails, so if you want beautiful and healthy nails, you need to eat nutritious foods. Eggs, bananas, cauliflower, peanuts, and beans, among others, are rich in biotin, which helps make nails thicker. If your nails are fragile, you should add more protein to your diet, as protein helps strengthen nails.

A healthy diet for stronger nails
Remember to have a healthy diet.

Lean beef, lobster, oysters, soybeans, and cashews are rich in zinc, which also can help strengthen brittle nails. Of course, it’s possible to take biotin and zinc supplements if you need to give your nails a health boost.

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8. Try Some Natural Home Remedies For Nails

Finally, you could try some natural home remedies for nails made from simple ingredients. For example, some lemon juice mixed with honey, applied to your nails for 30 minutes, will help them brittle and dehydrated.

Mixing salt and a few drops of iodine will help make your nails stronger. If your nails could use more moisture, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil on a cotton ball to gently massage them.

Final Words

If you want to have pretty nails, the only way is to pay extra attention to them. I hope the methods mentioned above are helpful in most cases to make your pretty nails come true sooner 🙂 Is there any tip that I miss out on? Let me know in the comment below with other ideas that you have! Thank you for visiting Be Youngaholic! 

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