loose skin under chin without surgery

You’ve probably heard of “turkey neck” which is the loose skin under your chin, and the unglamorous term for the wrinkles and sagging skin around your neck. It’s a common side effect as you age, occurring when your neck muscles begin to weaken and your skin loses its elasticity, as long as its the ability to stay tight and stretch.

No one likes having a turkey neck! Fortunately, there are ways you can help get rid of that loose skin under the chin without surgery. But how, exactly? Read on to learn more!

How to Get Rid of Loose Skin Under Chin without Surgery

If you’re experiencing loose skin under your chin and around your neck, ageing is one of the most common causes. It may also be caused by sun damage, environmental factors, and unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as a poor diet and lack of exercise.

You aren’t alone, though! Loose skin with wrinkles and sagging is the chief complaint shared with skincare experts. Usually, getting rid of the loose skin would require surgery, which may have significant risks.

Fortunately, there are ways you can improve the loose skin under your chin with nonsurgical procedures, among other remedies! Here are the following solutions you can consider:

#1. Exercises to Treat Loose Skin

Consistently exercising your neck muscles can help build them and maintain their strength to keep their elasticity. It will improve your neck’s blood circulation, giving it a tighter and trimmer appearance.

Various facial and neck exercises claim to alleviate turkey neck, BUT there still aren’t reputable studies to prove that the exercises are 100% effective. While exercise is good for health and muscle toning, it might not eliminate excess skin.

So while it can tighten your neck muscles, you might not see much change on the skin on top. But it’s still worth the shot! Here are the following facial exercises to treat the loose skin under the chin:

Forehead Push

Place your hand on your forehand and push your head against your hand, not allowing your head to move forward. Hold the position for about 10 seconds, then hold both your hands behind your head and push backwards with your neck, holding for 10 seconds again.

Rest your neck and repeat the exercise a few times.


Sit down with your back straight and lift your head back, allowing your chin to point towards the ceiling. Keep your lips closed as you make a chewing motion using your mouth. Repeat this exercise 20 times.


Take on a position similar to the Chew exercise, sitting with your back straight, your head lifted, your chin pointing to the ceiling, and your lips closed. Pout and make a kissing motion, repeating the exercise 20 times.

Neck Lift

Lie down with your head hanging over an edge, then slowly and carefully lift your head as high as possible, utilizing the neck muscles. Repeat the exercise 5 times but do not continue it if you feel any neck pain.

#2. Using Cosmetics

There are also antiaging cosmetics that may help with your neck’s elasticity, such as N-acetyl glucosamine, which you can usually find in the neck, or antiaging creams. This is a natural form of glucosamine, a chemical.

Research suggests these creams help improve the loose skin under the chin by firming and smoothing the skin as it reduces the effects of hyperpigmentation.

Look for antiaging or neck creams that contain N-acetyl glucosamine and apply as instructed, usually daily.

Get Rid of Loose Skin Under Chin

#3. Nonsurgical Procedures

There are also nonsurgical procedures that can help remove excess skin, tighten loose skin, or reduce any bands or cords on your neck. These are more beneficial than surgical procedures, as you undergo a shorter procedure with quicker recovery time, fewer risks, and a more affordable price.

These are the different kinds of nonsurgical neck lifts to reduce the loose skin under the chin:


Botulinum toxin type A injection, or Botox, reduces wrinkles and is used along the neck and vertical neck bands to help quiet muscle movement, relaxing the neck muscle’s downward-pulling motion. What should you know about this service? Read this document from FDA about Botox cosmetics. In fact, many beautiful results are delivered by implementing botox, performed by licensed service providers. Therefore, botox is an option worth considering if you fully understand the pros and cons.

Fractionated Ablative Laser Treatment

Some of the skin is treated while the adjacent skin is left untreated, which helps quicken the recovery time. Lasers like carbon dioxide or erbium will create heat damage and destruction on the first two layers of skin to help improve the texture, skin contraction, and new collagen growth.

Injectable Dermal Fillers

Various injectable dermal fillers help reduce wrinkles while restoring lost volume to the skin from the neck. Here are some fillers that help rebuild the jawline definition while also inducing collagen growth around the neck.


This procedure is usually used for those who have accumulated increased fat under their chin and around the upper neck. This injectable product will break down and metabolizes fat cells.


This non-surgical ultrasound technology performs noninvasive neck and chin lifts, improving wrinkles and lines around the chest area. It helps create youthful-looking skin on the chin and neck area, with Ultehrapy bypassing the skin’s surface using ultrasound energy that has focused imaging.

Do you want to learn more about how to get rid of loose skin under the chin without surgery? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Caring for your skin shouldn’t be exclusive to one’s face, especially as we get older! You should also ensure that you care for the skin around your neck so you can avoid getting “turkey neck” and maintain elastic and healthy-looking skin for you to feel confident in. You can feel and look better without going under the knife with the proper exercises and procedures.

I hope this article on getting rid of loose skin under the chin without surgery helped you! So look into and follow any of these solutions now.

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