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    Common Mistakes People Make With Their Lash Extensions

    Common Mistakes People Make With Their Lash Extensions

    Do you want to make your lashes look longer and thicker? If so, lash extensions might be for you. As someone who uses lash extensions regularly, I can attest to the incredible results! But, of course, these results don’t come effortlessly. There are some things you should know about before you get extensions to ensure satisfactory results. Below is a list of the most common mistakes people make with their lash extensions.

    Applying Mascara

    Do not put mascara on the newly applied extensions, as tempting as it may be. Just like with other beauty treatments, using products on the lashes before they have completely dried can ruin them. That’s because waterproof and oil-based mascaras will dissolve the bonding agent used to apply your extensions, which can cause them to fall out prematurely.

    Using Too Many Eye Products

    The general rule of thumb is to keep your beauty routine as simple as possible when you have lash extensions. This means avoiding heavy eye creams, lotions, and shadows that add weight and can cause extensions to fall out prematurely.

    Excessive Rubbing

    This is a big no-no! It can cause the extensions to come loose and put unnecessary strain on your natural lashes. So if you’re feeling a little bit of itchiness or dryness, resist the temptation to rub and use a light dabbing motion instead.

    Touching Your Lashes

    Please don’t touch or rub your lashes, as this will cause them to fall out. Also, if a lash falls out, don’t try to stick it back in place with glue.

    Pulling on Them

    Don’t pull on your lashes, as this can cause them to fall out. If you need to remove the extensions, use a lash comb or tweezers instead of pulling on them directly.

    Replacing Them Too Often

    It can be tempting to replace your lashes as soon as they fall out. Anyone who’s had extensions before can attest to considering it at least once—including me! But let me give you a word of advice: No matter how strong the urge, resist it. You should take a break from extensions every few months to let your natural lashes recover.

    Getting Them Wet

    Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours post-treatment. This means no showers, no washing your face, and no applying makeup. Once 24 hours have passed, you can shower and use products safely. In fact, you should keep your lash extensions clean if you want them to last!

    These are some of the most common mistakes people make with their lash extensions. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your lashes look incredible for a long time.

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