Can You Tattoo Over Freckles

Can you tattoo over freckles? A lot of those who have freckles probably wonder about their skin sensitivity and if getting ink is dangerous. Fortunately, you CAN tattoo over your freckles! However, there are some things to consider before doing so. Read on as I tackle the topic and see if you should really get that tattoo.

Can You Tattoo Over Freckles?

Your body is like a canvas and the tattoo is an art! But what if that canvas (your body) has many differences compared to other canvases, such as the presence freckles? While freckles are a beauty mark, it MAY affect your skin if you put tattoos over it.

In general, it’s totally fine to place a tattoo over your freckles. After all, freckles are harmless, simply small spots on your skin which are darker than its surrounding area. They usually appear when you’re child, growing or staying the same as you enter adulthood, sometimes disappearing or come-and-go depending on the season.

So it’s okay to tattoo, right? Not quite yet!

Did you know that there are different kinds of freckles, which you can and can’t tattoo over? These are the two common freckle types:

1. Lentigines

These are also called solar lentigo, which is larger and found in skin areas from previous sunburns or sun damage. They are much darker than the other type of freckles, not fading during the winter season.

Typically, the cellular structure that contains the freckles’ melanin pigments is normal in structure and appearance. HOWEVER, take note that these freckles may be part of rare genetic syndromes, though usually, they are unimportant and simply isolated spots.

Sometimes, these spots may grow over the years, joining together to create larger spots. It can then become lumpy, depending on how it grows.

Because of the lumpiness and chance of growing, it might not be recommended to tattoo over these freckles. You’ll need to get checked with your dermatologist to get a go signal.

2. Ephelides

These are flat spots on your skin, which measure between 0.04-0.08 inches, usually flat-shaped. The colors can vary, ranging from tan, light-brown, or even reddish, depending on your skin and hair color. These freckles appear mostly during summer, disappearing come winter season.

Ephelides occur in those with lighter complexions and are hereditary. They are not serious and you can tattoo over these freckles. To suppress this freckle development, you can simply avoid the sun!

What to Consider When Tattooing Over Freckles

Beyond the type of freckles you have, there are more to consider before you choose to tattoo yourself over these marks.

  • Remember that freckles can change under the sun, which can affect the design and color of your tattoo. Select a design that works best based on your freckle size and color. It’s also best to get tattoos when the freckles are more prevalent, which is usually during the summer or hot weather.
  • Those with freckles may have more sensitive skin, which is why you need to take extra precautions before, during, and after getting tattooed.
  • You need to know whether you have freckles or moles since sometimes those terms can interchange, or some moles look like freckles! While most moles are benign and typically harmless, some may grow, which is why it is NOT a good idea to tattoo over moles.

Take note that you have to speak with both your dermatologist and the chosen tattoo artist. Your doctor will give you the go signal and make sure your skin is taken care of. The tattoo artist will be sure to design your tattoo well depending on your freckles and colors.

Do you want to learn more about tattooing with freckles in the area? Check out this informative video!

Wrapping It Up

It’s possible to tattoo over your freckles, though you should ask your dermatologist for recommendations. Usually, there isn’t a problem as long as you have no skin conditions. Just be sure to get a reputable tattoo artist and take care of your skin better afterward.

I hope this article answered your question, “Can you tattoo over freckles?” Now that you know the answer, check out tattoo designs you’d like to have!

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