can i use day cream at night

I’m sure most of you have a skincare routine, which is why you’re looking into posts like mine! Regardless of how simple or extensive your routine can be, you most likely have either a day or night cream to use. When I began using these creams, it had me wonder, can I use day cream at night and vice versa?

I did the research, so read on!

What Are Day and Night Creams?

Before getting into using day and night creams, I want to show you their differences:

Day creams are multitasking skincare products that moisturize the skin. They combine well when you put on makeup and sometimes, they contain SPF to protect your face from the UV rays.

It’s more suitable for the day, when you’re more exposed and under the sun. These creams don’t contain active ingredients that can irritate the skin when under the sun, such as retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and glycolic acid.

As for night creams, these have heavier textures compared to day creams. This is because it can help moisturize skin deeper while you’re asleep.

Because your skin would repair itself mostly throughout the night, these creams have active ingredients like retinol and acids. These ingredients improve the turnover of skin cells and rejuvenate your skin while resting and away from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Note that there is no one better cream than the other, as they have different purposes and benefits to keep your skin fresh.

Can I Use Day Cream At Night?

Now that you know what day and night creams are specifically for, can you interchange them?

Yes, there isn’t anything wrong with using day cream at night or the other way around. However, this is only applicable to day creams that don’t include any SPF. This is because SPF is made for under the sun and contains ingredients that shouldn’t stay on your face for long periods.

Also, the day cream is made more for protection than restoring your skin cells throughout the night. So you may notice that your face won’t feel as rejuvenated or clear compared to using night cream when sleeping. Your skin doesn’t receive the full benefits of deep moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients night creams have.

You won’t harm your skin when using day creams at night or vice versa. But as much as possible, it’s best that you use day and night creams at the time recommended.

Furthermore, you should use BOTH creams to ensure that your face is protected throughout the sunny day and rejuvenated while you sleep. That way, your skin is more moisturized and with minimal risk of blemishes!

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “can I use day cream at night?” Start off your skincare routine right and invest in the right products now!

Do you have queries or would like to share your own skincare tips and routines? Share it in the comment section below!

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