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Does Sunscreen Prevent Freckles? Complete Explanation Here

does sunscreen prevent freckles

Freckles are an adorable beauty mark, but not everyone wants it and that’s okay. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent freckles and sunspots, with people wondering, “does sunscreen prevent freckles?”

In a way, it can prevent it, but it depends on certain factors. So read on to see how sunscreen prevents freckles and if it can help you.

Can You Still Get a Tan With SPF 50? More Advice Here

can you still get tan with spf 50

Sunscreen is an important skincare product all of us need, regardless of skin type and color. However, with the summer season approaching, we all want that tan and soak up some of that vitamin D! So can you still get a tan with SPF 50 and above?

Yes, you can still get a tan, but to a certain extent! Read on to discover how you can still get a tan with sunscreen.

Can You Use Regular Conditioner As a Leave-In? Truth Here!

can you use regular conditioner as a leave in

We all know the drill when washing our hair: Wash your hair with shampoo, apply conditioner, allow it to soak for a few minutes, rinse it out, and dry. This is the classic and traditional way to condition your hair!

However, there are new inventions that allow us to leave the conditioner in our hair the entire day to keep it hydrated, which are known as leave-ins! But can you use regular conditioner as a leave-in?

Read on as I show you the right way to use conditioners!

Is Antibacterial Soap Good For Your Face? What Your Skin REALLY Needs

Is Antibacterial Soap Good For Your Face

I’m sure a lot of you have antibacterial soap at home, which is necessary to reduce bacteria in your body. However, is antibacterial soap good for your face? After all, it does clear out bacteria and dirt!

While possible, the recommendation is NO, avoid using this type of soap for your face! Why? Read on as I show you why you shouldn’t use antibacterial soap on your face and what you should use instead.

Why Pimples Disappear After Marriage: Is There a Valid Reason?

Why Pimples Disappear After Marriage

There are a lot of myths associated with acne and breakouts, with one of them being, “pimples will disappear right after marriage!” While many people claim this to be true, does this really always happen and is there an explanation for it?

Read on as I explain why pimples disappear after marriage and if this is actually a fact.

Does Long Hair Cause Acne On Back? The Real Reasons Here!

Does Long Hair Cause Acne On Back

Did you know that you don’t only get pimples on your face, but on other parts of the body as well? One particular area is your back, which can be caused by multiple factors. But does long hair cause acne on your back, just like how it may cause it on one’s face?

That depends on a few factors! So read on as I show you why you get back acne and if your long hair is the culprit.

Can You Tattoo Over Freckles? The Explanation Behind Tattoos and Freckles

Can You Tattoo Over Freckles

Can you tattoo over freckles? A lot of those who have freckles probably wonder about their skin sensitivity and if getting ink is dangerous.

Fortunately, you CAN tattoo over your freckles! However, there are some things to consider before doing so. Read on as I tackle the topic and see if you should really get that tattoo.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Milia Removed? Costs and Factors to Consider

how much does it cost to get milia removed

Do you suffer from milia? This is a skin imperfection that can come out of nowhere, which are tiny and painless white bumps. Sure, they may be harmless, but they’re pesky and take a toll on one’s confidence.

Fortunately, there are various treatments to help get rid of milia, removing them permanently. But how much does it cost to get milia removed? Read on as I show you the costs of treatments and products to prepare your budget.

Should You Store Rosehip Oil In the Fridge? Where to Store Oils

should you store rosehip oil in the fridge

Rosehip oil is an exceptional ingredient extracted from rosebush seeds, commonly used for skincare routines. It has the ability to help nourish your skin, helping with stretch marks, scars, acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. That’s why a lot of people have this in their bathrooms when doing their skincare routine.

While just a few drops of this oil can go a long way, you have to remember that this oil also has a shelf life. So should you store Rosehip oil in the fridge to have it last longer? Read on as I share where to store Rosehip oil and how to keep it fresh!

What Should Rosehip Oil Smell Like? Does It Smell Good or Bad?

what should rosehip oil smell like

When you hear the name Rosehip oil, you immediately think that it smells like a wonderful flower. However, despite what it’s called, this essential oil has very little in common with its floral relatives, including its scent. But what should Rosehip smell like, and does it have an attractive scent?

You’ll be surprised at its real scent! Read on as I describe to you what Rosehip oil smells like and if it’s okay to use.