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Is Tinted Moisturizer Bad For Your Skin? The Pros and Cons

is tinted moisturizer bad for your skin

You’re probably aware of the bad rap tinted moisturizers have received throughout the months. This is because of Kylie Jenner’s skin doctor, Dr. Christie Kidd, who says that this skincare product may cause breakouts. According to her, tinted moisturizers help hydrate and protect by absorbing deep to your skin, but also bringing the pigment along with it.

But really, is tinted moisturizer bad for your skin? Read on as I show you the real answers!

Can I Use Day Cream At Night? The Difference Between Day and Night Creams

can i use day cream at night

I’m sure most of you have a skincare routine, which is why you’re looking into posts like mine! Regardless of how simple or extensive your routine can be, you most likely have either a day or night cream to use. When I began using these creams, it had me wonder, can I use day cream at night and vice versa?

I did the research, so read on!

Do You Use Body Scrub Before or After Soap? The Right Way

do you use body scrub before or after soap

When I was first introduced to body scrubs, I was a bit confused at first. I knew its skin benefits, but when do I apply it, and does it replace soap?

No, body scrubs do not replace soap and the latter should still be used to keep yourself clean. However, some people opt to use body scrubs alone, which is also just fine.

The real question is: do you use a body scrub before or after soap? Read on to learn how to reap the benefits of a body scrub properly!

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads Around Lips: 5 Simple Solutions

how to get rid of whiteheads around lips

Wondering how to get rid of whiteheads around lips? There are simple natural solutions to it, so check out what you can do for clearer, luscious lips!

What are whiteheads? These are enlarged hair follicles that were clogged with bacteria, skin cells, and oils. As the name suggests, it looks like a white bump, which irritates many! What’s more irritating is if you find whiteheads around your lips, causing discomfort and affecting one’s confidence.

So what should you do? I’ll be sharing five tips on how to get rid of whiteheads around lips to help you out!

When Do Kids Start Getting Freckles? The Answers You Need

when do kids start getting freckles

There is nothing cuter than seeing a child with freckles, giving them a unique and adorable look! But have you ever wondered why and when they start getting freckles?

If you’re a parent with freckles, you’ve probably asked, “when do kids start getting freckles,” or if they even get any at all! For those wondering if their babies will inherit their freckles and when it’ll appear, read on!

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