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    Top Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Have

    Top Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Have

    I didn’t fully understand the draw of fashion accessories until I expanded my wardrobe to include more than T-shirts and jeans. With time, I realized that accessories are crucial to completing just about any look, whether I’m dressing up for a job interview or heading to the coffee shop. Read on to learn which items are the top fashion accessories every woman should have!


    I have a vast collection of tote bags. They might not suit my formal wear (in which case I tend to opt for a small purse or sleek shoulder bag), but the prints on the side are a fantastic way to express my personality. I think a handbag, purse, or tote is the accessory people notice first, so it’s a terrific opportunity to introduce people to your outfit or show off a fun side of yourself!


    The smartphone must have killed the wristwatch, right? I don’t think so. If you aren’t one for bracelets or just prefer a practical purpose behind each of your accessories, I think a watch is a great option. There are modern watches today that provide an elegant and sophisticated touch to any look. Engraved watches are also now available to make them more exceptional. That said, some outfits call for a more playful option, and that’s fine, too.


    I don’t have a massive collection of shoes, but there are days I wish I did. Your footwear plays a crucial role in your outfit, either finishing the look or contrasting it. With the higher price range, I want the most versatile pair of shoes available. Heels (of any height) and dress shoes are great for formal occasions, and choosing neutral colors ensures they match anything. Some sneaker styles even lend a youthful touch to any look! Overall, shoes are some of the top fashion accessories every woman should have.


    Shades are in, and for good reason. I will admit to a slight obsession with acrylic sunglasses that come in funky shades and even wilder shapes. That said, if you’re not looking for that neon grunge look, even standard sunglasses are worth having around.

    The right pair of shades can limit blue light from tech screens, block out harmful UV rays, and overall give your outfit a cool, mysterious vibe.


    Jewelry means far more to me than giant gems and all-gold necklaces. Whether it’s giant 3D printed designs or simple, casual stud earrings, I love adding earrings to my collection. From bangles to rings to piercings, the jewelry you add helps you define who you are and shows your personality through even the most neutral looks.


    Belts are the unsung heroes of the accessory world. Even a simple belt can provide some much-needed shape to a crop top and jeans look or complete the aesthetic of a tucked-in shirt. My belts might not see the same amount of use as the other accessories here, but if you’re looking to complete your wardrobe, I highly recommend finding a belt you love.

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