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    Tips for Reducing Stress During Tax Season

    Tips for Reducing Stress During Tax Season

    Every year, millions of people have to pay their taxes in the United States, but for whatever reason, I always seem to do it at the last minute. Even though I’m just tallying up all my earnings from the previous year, it can still feel stressful if I don’t keep good records of the income that I earned from some of my side hustles.

    However, as time goes on and I become an experienced taxpayer, I’ve gathered some tips for getting through the season. With this in mind, here are my tips for reducing stress during tax season.

    Treat Myself With the Tax Return

    April is a month that I look forward to because it means that I get my tax return. Instead of fearing how much I have to pay the government, I remember that I’ve already had my taxes deducted from my paychecks, so all I have to do is calculate my taxes correctly, and I should get a hefty tax return.

    This motivates me to get my taxes done more quickly and accurately because I get my beloved tax return. With this check, I can use it to travel, enjoy fine dining, or even upgrade my home office to maximize comfort and productivity. I can’t find enough money to save for a massage chair at other points during the year, but when I get my tax return, I suddenly have enough!

    I Exercise Regularly

    Exercise is one of the best things that I can do for myself because it ensures that I support my mind and body. To reduce stress during tax season and prepare my body for summer, I try to hit the gym more often than I usually would. Working out is a relatively simple way to incorporate self-care habits into my daily routine that gets my endorphins flowing, helping to reduce stress.


    When I’m in a funk trying to find a lost paystub or remember a specific piece of information, I try to take a step back and meditate. Deep breathing exercises allow me to calm down and remember that it’s not a life-or-death situation, although death and taxes are always certain! Meditation helps me focus my mind and relax so that I don’t get overwhelmed by my taxes.

    In short, I still get overwhelmed by my taxes at certain points during the season, but I won’t let it bring me down. By following these tips for reducing stress during tax season, I can get through April without an audit while keeping my sanity intact.

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