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    How Long Do You Have to Clean Your Ear Piercing? The Real Answers Here

    How long do you have to clean your ear piercing? Learn about caring for your new ear piercings and how long you have to clean them for here!

    how long do you have to clean your ear piercing

    Ear piercings are very common, with young children and adults having them at one point in their lives. There are many ways you can pierce your ears and show off your personality through the many awesome earrings available. Besides that, they are less risky to have compared to other body piercings.

    But if you don’t care and clean for your ear piercings well, it can still cause complications. With that said, how long do you have to clean your ear piercing? Read on to find out!

    How Long Do You Have to Clean Your Ear Piercing?

    Beyond the usual cleaning of the ears during showers and baths, you’ll need to use a special ear piercing cleaning solution. This is different from typical soap, and you’ll need to keep your earrings on during the healing period and cleanse the pierced area at least thrice a day.

    It’s crucial to clean your ear piercing properly, especially during the first few weeks of having it. This prevents it from incurring any infection, which will be painful and tougher to treat.

    With that in mind, how long should you clean your ear piercing for?

    I highly recommend that you clean your ear piercing for at least six weeks for earlobe piercings, and 12 weeks for cartilage piercings. This is how long the healing process is, which is why it’s crucial to keep them clean and free from infection during these times.

    However, more time may be required, depending on your piercing and how your ears react to it. The cartilage location makes a difference in healing and cleaning times.

    Even after the healing period, you still need to care for your ears and piercings properly with daily washing. It’s also recommended to use your ear care cleaning solution to keep both the earrings and piercings clean at all times. This is especially important if you have just exercised, swum, or have had exposure to any hair products and perfumes.

    Basically, it’s crucial to clean your ear piercing daily for the long-term, focusing on cleaning and caring for it more during the healing period. Afterward, you can focus more on maintaining the ear piercing and cleaning it fewer times compared to when you first got them.

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    Do you want to learn more about cleaning and caring for your ear piercing? This helpful video can show you tips:

    Wrapping It Up

    Many people are getting their ears pierced, whether you children to adults! While it’s an awesome trend that definitely brings out personality and style, you have to make sure you care for your new piercings to avoid the consequences. Besides regular washing, make sure that you use the right ear piercing cleaning solution for at least 6-12 weeks until your piercing has completely healed.

    I hope that this article answered your question, “how long do you have to clean your ear piercing?” Now that you know the answer, make sure to follow the appropriate steps when caring for your new ear piercings.

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