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The 26 Best Beauty Bloggers You Can Trust For Your Skin Problems

best beauty bloggers

A wise buyer would search for feedbacks or reviews about the product before buying it. It’s the same thing when buying beauty products. Since the majority of consumers today prefer to purchase online, it is important for them to read reviews before adding the item to their cart. And who would they trust? Of course, the bloggers who are experts in their fields.

Lots of beauty enthusiasts have turned to some of the best beauty blogs at a certain point or another. These beauty bloggers are earning a lot because makeup addicts are depending on their blogs to determine which item to purchase. These passionate bloggers have carefully developed their blogs and ensure their followers that they will provide accurate and updated info about hair, makeup, nails and skin care.

They are not just gurus in their own right. They are also providing beauty advice, different point of view and awesome pictures. Here are 26 most reliable and informative beauty bloggers in no particular order that you can trust.

What You Need to Know About What Causes Blind Pimples and How to Treat It

what causes blind pimples

We have all experienced them at one time another—those pesky red bumps that start out inconspicuously enough under your skin before they become the seat of a godawful throbbing pain that will plague the area it occupies.

I am talking about the highly aggravating blight on humankind called blind pimples.

You might wonder what these blind pimples are, where they come from, and how do you stop the annoying throbbing pain they seem to implant wherever they sprout. You might also wonder how to prevent them from cropping up and how to ultimately deal with them when they come out.

How to Get Rid of Rosacea: The Different Treatments to Try Out

how to get rid of rosacea

It often starts out insidiously as a cute tendency to blush, especially on hotter days. The next thing you know, it has spread from your nose and cheeks down to your chest and maybe even your back. Tiny red lines appear on your skin and—horror of horrors!—a breakout worthy of a teenager has cropped up in the most unsightly manner possible!

What you may be experiencing is a skin condition called rosacea and it is quite common. It is so common, in fact, that you may be surprised to find that even famous people like Princess Diana had rosacea. However, the redness, the stinging, and the breakouts can be quite a burden, especially when the symptoms flare up.

So, what is the real deal on rosacea? And how do you get rid of it?

The 9 Effective and Pain-Free Ways on How to Make a Pimple Stop Bleeding

How to Make a Pimple Stop Bleeding

Are you sick and tired of seeing yourself in the mirror with those inflamed, bleeding bumps on your face? Do not lose hope we are here to help you. These 9 pain-free tips on how to make a pimple stop bleeding could be the solution to your problem.

Pimples do not bleed unless you picked it or tried to pop it. The best solution to solve your problem with a bleeding pimple is to refrain from popping it. But sometimes you cannot resist the urge of doing it. If you pop a zit by accident, there are steps that you can follow to stop the bleeding and prevent it from developing a scar.

What Vitamins Are Good For Acne? The 5 Best That Can Heal Your Skin!

what vitamins are good for acne

Everyone thinks acne only affects teenagers. Contrary to popular belief but just because you didn’t have acne in your teens doesn’t mean you can’t have acne forever. Although teenagers are more prone to suffer from acne problems, unfortunately, acne can strike at any age.

As absurd as this may sound but even menopausal women can experience acne. In fact, over 17 million people in America are struggling with acne according to the National Institutes of Health. But there is hope and it comes in the form of vitamins. The question now is what vitamins are good for acne.

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