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can you wash your face with baking soda
Can you wash your face with baking soda? This ingredient may have a ton of benefits, but what about for your skincare? Check all the answers here!
waterproof mascara vs regular mascara
Not sure whether to use waterproof mascara vs regular mascara? I show you the comparisons to see what’s better for you, so read on!
why are my eyebrows so thin
Have you ever wondered, "Why are my eyebrows so thin?" You'll be surprised that you aren't alone and there are reasons behind it! Find out why here.
is waterproof mascara bad for your lashes
Is waterproof mascara bad for your lashes? You'll be surprised by the answers, so read on to see if you should still apply it!
do teeth whitening strips really work
Do teeth whitening strips really work? Find out the benefits and drawbacks of using teeth whitening strips before you buy to get maximum results.

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